A Message From Mother Mary

Pozo de la Virgen Sabana Grande is a sacred site in Puerto Rico where the Virgin Mary appeared to several school children in 1953. It would be appropriate that my friend, Jesus (yes that is his real name), would take me there. (Jesus came into my life five years ago in answer to a prayer for an English-speaking hair colorist in Puerto Rico. And as silly as that may sound, the point is that there is no detail too small to surrender to the Universe.) The energy of the site is felt as soon as you enter the Town and then is even more powerful at the spot where Mother Mary appeared.  As I sat in meditation with Mary she told me to take out my notebook. She then started to speak, giving me this message for the world: 

Not that you all know me, but I know you.
I know your pain and your struggle.
I know your deepest desire and your deepest regret.
I know your illusions and your disillusions.
I know your pain (grief) and your sorrow.
I know what you are so desperate to attain.
And I tell you now that it is within you, where it has always been.
You find it in an open and free heart.
You find it in kindness and compassion.
You find it in love.
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love the world.
I send you my love and my embrace.
I send you my compassion.
Spread it amongst you.
Stand in judgment of no one.
Love me.
Love your Father (God).
Love your brother (Jesus).

 Is that all?
What more would there be?

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