Blurred Vision

little brook with rocksI heard God say to a client: Don’t let your sight blur My Vision. This one little sentence is loaded with meaning. First, it means not to let what we take in with our physical senses cloud what God would have us see. Second, it cautions us not to let our physical senses interfere with God’s Vision or Plan for us.

We rightly depend on our physical senses to operate in this world and that should not change. However, in addition to our physical mind and body we have a spirit, which is capable of guiding us if only we allow it into our lives. Our spirit can only guide us if we learn how to recognize it—to “hear it”—and that is best accomplished through the silence of meditation. Once in the silence, where our brain is not the driver of the conversation, we can listen to, or see what God or our higher self has to reveal. Maybe you call that your sub-conscious. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what name we give it. The point is that there is much to be learned in the silence.

Not interfering with God’s Vision or Plan is a tricky one. How can we know His Plan for us, especially in a world of free will? We cannot know unless we take the time to sit in quiet solitude for some period of time each day. And, in my experience, the full Plan is never revealed. It will be given in bits and pieces, and you will be asked to trust as you take each step. This is not easy but it is doable. I know because I have done it. For those of you who read my book, Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary, you know that I moved my entire life on God’s command from an area I loved to an area I only tolerated. As time progressed, I learned some of the reasons for my move, and they were life altering.

With practice, you will find that the communication between you and God, or you and your higher self becomes more seamless, and that you may not need to sit in mediation to be guided. The guidance will come all the time. It will guide your every thought; your every word; your every action, and you will be at peace. May you move through life with clear Vision.

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2 Responses to Blurred Vision

  1. Patricia Schantz says:

    I am ready to listen with my heart this new year. Thank you, Theresa, for the guidance. Happy new year to all the world.

  2. Annabel Monaghan says:

    If someone asks me for my new years resolution, I am just going to send them a link to this piece. This is what I want to achieve in 2016!

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