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Consciously Compose Your Melody

Look through all the veils of illusion that have been placed in front of you. Your work is always inner …Continue reading
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Sow Love, Reap Love

He who sows mercy reaps mercy. And he who sows judgment reaps judgment. And he who sows pain reaps pain. …Continue reading
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I Am Also That

Be with the sinner, the beggar, the prostitute. Be with the prince and the egalitarian. See yourself as the worm …Continue reading
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Release Your Karma and Own Your Power!

We have all chosen occasionally not to follow that small voice within. You may know it as intuition. You may …Continue reading
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Relationships, Karma & Forgiveness

There are many reasons to forgive, but if they haven’t motivated you thus far maybe this will. It’s a bit …Continue reading
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