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Accept, have no regrets, rejoice! Rejoice in the life that you have chosen. Accept the gold that is you. If …Continue reading
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Walking the Path of Love and Compassion

It is easy to have love and compassion for people at a distance. If I ask you to send love …Continue reading
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Reveal Your Golden Self

Over a lifetime many of us tend to accumulate layers of false selves—personas that help us to feel more confident …Continue reading
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Anyone who has been married or in a long term relationship, myself included, will know that the following advice from …Continue reading
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Relationships, Karma & Forgiveness

There are many reasons to forgive, but if they haven’t motivated you thus far maybe this will. It’s a bit …Continue reading
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Circumvent Obstacles: Follow Your Light

Imagine yourself walking with outstretched arms, surrounded by waist-high grass, in an endless sunny meadow. Ahead of you is an …Continue reading
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Troubadour of Love

May God bless you and guide you. May He honor you. May He clear the film from your eyes. May …Continue reading
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Own Your Goodness

We all spread goodness in the world—sometimes we even do it consciously. Many times we are unaware of our tendency …Continue reading
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Bucket List

I used to have a bucket list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go, but …Continue reading
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Relationships as a Path to Enlightenment

How can we use relationships as a path to enlightenment? The answer may be in how we handle conflicts when …Continue reading
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