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Enter Into the Mystery

Come with me into the Mystery. Christ did not die in vain, but so that you can learn to love. …Continue reading
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Troubadour of Love

May God bless you and guide you. May He honor you. May He clear the film from your eyes. May …Continue reading
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The Joy of Surrender

I tend to resist surrendering to Divine will because, on the one hand, we are told God is loving, and …Continue reading
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Linda and I were invited to lead a Meditation for World Peace on the main stage of the Healing Garden …Continue reading
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One Small Step

I find that quite often in my healing practice, as well as in my personal life, the Divine asks us to …Continue reading
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All You Need Is Love

Do not fall prey to your own sense of justice.  We try to rescue others when we believe love is not …Continue reading
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