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Walking the Path of Love and Compassion

It is easy to have love and compassion for people at a distance. If I ask you to send love …Continue reading
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Circumvent Obstacles: Follow Your Light

Imagine yourself walking with outstretched arms, surrounded by waist-high grass, in an endless sunny meadow. Ahead of you is an …Continue reading
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Relationships as a Path to Enlightenment

How can we use relationships as a path to enlightenment? The answer may be in how we handle conflicts when …Continue reading
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We all want peace—inner peace, outer peace, world peace. I can’t tell you exactly how to achieve these states, but …Continue reading
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Blurred Vision

I heard God say to a client: Don’t let your sight blur My Vision. This one little sentence is loaded …Continue reading
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Linda and I were invited to lead a Meditation for World Peace on the main stage of the Healing Garden …Continue reading
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For You Peace Was Made

Let nothing come between you and your peace because for you, peace was made. “…for you peace was made” means …Continue reading
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Inner Peace

Go to that place in yourself where Love lives and there you will find heaven; there you will find the …Continue reading
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Mother’s Day

Did you know that Mother’s Day was started to promote peace? After seeing the physical and emotional effects the Civil …Continue reading
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Sow Seeds of Love

God said to me, “Join with Me to sow the seeds of love.” He also asked me to tell everyone, …Continue reading
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