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Becoming Enlightened

If you want to be an enlightened being you have to step out of the shade. You still acknowledge the …Continue reading
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Self-Healing Meditation

Picture your cells as crystal-clear droplets of water. They glisten like a drop of melting snow reflects the sun. Your …Continue reading
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Release Your Karma and Own Your Power!

We have all chosen occasionally not to follow that small voice within. You may know it as intuition. You may …Continue reading
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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

How do we live a life that is in alignment with our highest purpose? How do we know what that …Continue reading
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Reveal Your Golden Self

Over a lifetime many of us tend to accumulate layers of false selves—personas that help us to feel more confident …Continue reading
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Own Your Goodness

We all spread goodness in the world—sometimes we even do it consciously. Many times we are unaware of our tendency …Continue reading
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Forgiveness Given In-Justice

I heard in a session recently: All your anger disappears with the words ‘I forgive’ so if that resonates with …Continue reading
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Linda and I were invited to lead a Meditation for World Peace on the main stage of the Healing Garden …Continue reading
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Some people believe everything is a sign from Above—I am not so sure. That may sound odd coming from someone …Continue reading
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One Small Step

I find that quite often in my healing practice, as well as in my personal life, the Divine asks us to …Continue reading
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