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Embrace Your Inner Butterfly

Do you ever feel rejected? It may come as a surprise to know that you can’t be rejected by others; …Continue reading
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Do We Choose Inequality?

I received an email from a client telling me that, while she was praying, she received guidance that I had …Continue reading
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Vantage Point: Why Perspective Matters

Siddhartha searched and searched before finding his enlightenment as the Buddha. Once on the path he did not say, “No …Continue reading
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Disperse the Dark Clouds

Don’t be afraid of your shadow self.  We all have this shadow—there is the light and the shadow of who …Continue reading
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Accept, have no regrets, rejoice! Rejoice in the life that you have chosen. Accept the gold that is you. If …Continue reading
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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

How do we live a life that is in alignment with our highest purpose? How do we know what that …Continue reading
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Walking the Path of Love and Compassion

It is easy to have love and compassion for people at a distance. If I ask you to send love …Continue reading
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Anyone who has been married or in a long term relationship, myself included, will know that the following advice from …Continue reading
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Ask For Your Miracles

I once read that we have many unclaimed, beautifully wrapped gifts in heaven. What is in those unclaimed boxes? Amongst …Continue reading
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If you were crossing the Arabian Peninsula in the 6th century your survival depended on your tribe, as you were …Continue reading
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