Embrace Your Inner Butterfly

Photo Credit: Boris Smokrovic

Do you ever feel rejected? It may come as a surprise to know that you can’t be rejected by others; you can only be rejected by yourself.  The way others treat you is a reflection of the way you feel about yourself. If you have total acceptance of yourself, then you cannot feel rejected.  Acceptance starts within you.  It starts with self-love, and when you have unconditional self-love, you can unconditionally love everyone.  Unconditional love is indiscriminate, as it should be.  That’s why they call Jesus the “fisher of men” because he loves unconditionally.  Each of us is asked to do that—cast that net of love.  Most importantly, self-love sets the example for your children.  It’s a difficult lesson for them to learn because of social media.  Social media is used to look as if you’re on the outside and you’re less than someone else.  Self-love becomes a necessary exercise for children. 

To help you to resist what may be a natural inclination to judge and reject yourself I offer you the words of Spirit as I heard them for my client.

Close your eyes and open your heart.  See a beautiful butterfly—colors of your choosing.  It is as perfect as it is gentle.  The butterfly is you.  You make no conditions for the growth of that butterfly.  It’s fragile. Be gentle with it.  Be gentle with how you handle it.  Be gentle with how you speak to it.  Speak very gentle words to that butterfly.  Be patient with the butterfly—and that gentle butterfly carries you—carries you through all possibilities.  It closes its wings together and goes back into your heart where you cherish your inner butterfly.  Take it with you for your next meditation.  The butterfly can carry you to different levels of consciousness—levels you never knew were attainable—all because you nurtured the fragile self within.  As you see unconditional love within yourself, it will come through in your gaze.  It comes through in your speech, heartfelt, as you stand opposite another person.  This kind of love emanates from you at all times. 

As we embrace our inner butterflies and learn to accept ourselves completely we not only find the happiness that exists within us, but we teach our children how to love themselves unconditionally, and we indiscriminately cast the net of love out in the world.

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