Enter Into the Mystery

Come with me into the Mystery. Christ did not die in vain, but so that you can learn to love. The Mystery is a mystery of love that is so deep and profound that it breaks down all barriers and obstacles. The Mystery is that God loves you unconditionally. Know that Jesus loved those who crucified him. Come with me into the Mystery. Once you are in the Mystery there will be no more mystery. There is only one Mystery in the world—how to get …. to that place… of great unconditional love—to stay there; to love there. Walk with me and never again leave my side.

Mother Mary delivered these words to me for a client who is dealing with one of life’s more trying situations. Many of us suffer through, or have someone close to us that has experienced the death of a loved one, divorce, personal injury, incarceration and/or serious illness. We all get through, with or without various degrees of stress related illnesses ourselves. The challenge before us is to face these situations with compassion for both our self, and the “other.”

The great Mystery is how to love unconditionally—to love even those who hurt you. A long time ago, when I was completely unconscious and dating a guy who I thought might kill me (yeah, my selection criteria was that good), Mary appeared to me and said, Have mercy on him, he is a child of God. With the benefit of thirty plus years of hindsight and some sorely needed consciousness raising I now understand that Mother Mary was asking me to have a change of heart about this man—not to stay in a relationship with him, but to change the energy dynamic from fear to love. Mary was telling me that it was time to have compassion for his suffering as well as my own. I eventually extricated myself from that relationship because Love doesn’t always ask us to sacrifice ourselves.

You, who are more conscious than I was, have a choice to make. Whatever the situation, understand that the other is you and that you are the other. Walk into the Mystery by choosing and acting from love.


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