Channeled Grace/Spiritual Mentoring/Meditation Counseling

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Channeled Grace/Spiritual Mentoring/Meditation Counseling
June 19, 2017 11:00 am
June 19, 2017 5:00 pm
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Theresa Joseph
November 8, 2016
Every day until June 30, 2017 (See all)
United States

iStock_000007791543SmallChanneled Grace Healing Session: Theresa is an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor who, through  Channeled Grace Healing Sessions, allows grace, or the unconditional Love of the Divine to flow through her for the benefit of her clients. Surrounded by and infused with grace, the client receives what s/he needs for their own personal healing. They are brought deep inside themselves where they find peace and well-being. During the session clients are reminded what it  feels  like to be immersed in the Divine’s Love, which Theresa emphasizes is always in them and around them. Oftentimes Theresa will share messages and/or visions with her clients as she works. There is never a conflict with one’s religion, or lack thereof, as the Divine works through unconditional love of all, for all.

Spiritual Mentoring: 
Theresa spends countless hours as a non-denominational spiritual mentor in her private practice and is now making herself available to clients via Skype. These sessions may be booked separately from Channeled Grace Healing sessions.

iStock_000015998732XSmallMeditation Counseling: There are many schools of meditation and Theresa advocates that you choose the one that best suits your beliefs. During her Meditation Counseling sessions Theresa will share the knowledge and techniques that work for her and will sit in meditation with you so as to deepen your own practice. It is easier for one to deepen their practice if they are with another who is able to drop into the meditative state, thereby helping to entrain the brain to the alpha or theta brain wave that is sought in meditation.

All sessions are conducted via Skype and are arranged via email. Please do not pay for your session until we have confirmed your date.

Suggested Donation for all sessions is $125 for the first 60-minutes. $100/hour thereafter. (Use the quantity field on the PayPal page to select the appropriate donation). 

Please consider donating for those who cannot afford a session. 

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