A fire can be started either by Love or by anger.
A fire generated by Love is fueled by passion.
A fire started by anger will burn you.
A fire started by Love will purify whatever goes into It, but it will not hurt you.


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2 Responses to Fire

  1. Quigley says:

    Fire consumes but it gives off light and warmth as well. It creates simplicity and change and is a catalyst for new growth. I am learning that when fire takes so much that is precious it also gives back in equal measure. Energy is not lost in a fire, it is transformed. Love remains and gratitude for what is most valuable in our lives deepens, and our perspective becomes more nuanced about what is peace and where is “home”. The phoenix rising from the ashes is the animating spirit of renewal, opportunity, insight, equanimity, grace, and transcendence as delivered on the wings of love and truth to move you upward and onward in life’s journey.

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