For You…

For you love was born,
and to you love is given,
and from you love emanates into the cosmos
and touches all those around you on its way.
And in your pain and in your sorrow, you are blessed.
Because I too have felt pain and sorrow.
For I too thought the pain would never end,
but it does, and on the other side is an even bigger and more open heart,
until one day the only tears you will shed are those of love and of joy.
– Mother Mary

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10 Responses to For You…

  1. Annabel Monaghan says:

    Just what the doctor ordered. Thank you!

  2. Theresa Joseph says:

    Divine timing! Sending loving energy your way!
    Love, Theresa

  3. Patricia says:

    Dearest Theresa: Words are inadequate to convey how your message is just what my soul needed to hear! Especially in this moment in time!
    So, all I can simply say is THANK YOU! Amazing!
    Very Best, Patricia

  4. meriel rutherford says:

    This message went straight to the heart. Thank you,Theresa

  5. Janet Foley says:

    Beautiful, Theresa💗

  6. Marie says:

    The words came at exactly the right moment, and each time I re-read them it is the right moment. Thank you for conveying the perfect message. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    • Marie, I so appreciate your description of how Spirit’s words resonate with you. The test of sacred words is that their meaning changes for you depending on your situation or consciousness.

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