For You…

For you love was born,
and to you love is given,
and from you love emanates into the cosmos
and touches all those around you on its way.
And in your pain and in your sorrow, you are blessed.
Because I too have felt pain and sorrow.
For I too thought the pain would never end,
but it does, and on the other side is an even bigger and more open heart,
until one day the only tears you will shed are those of love and of joy.
– Mother Mary

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12 Responses to For You…

  1. Annabel Monaghan says:

    Just what the doctor ordered. Thank you!

  2. Theresa Joseph says:

    Divine timing! Sending loving energy your way!
    Love, Theresa

  3. Patricia says:

    Dearest Theresa: Words are inadequate to convey how your message is just what my soul needed to hear! Especially in this moment in time!
    So, all I can simply say is THANK YOU! Amazing!
    Very Best, Patricia

  4. meriel rutherford says:

    This message went straight to the heart. Thank you,Theresa

  5. Janet Foley says:

    Beautiful, Theresa💗

  6. Marie says:

    The words came at exactly the right moment, and each time I re-read them it is the right moment. Thank you for conveying the perfect message. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    • Marie, I so appreciate your description of how Spirit’s words resonate with you. The test of sacred words is that their meaning changes for you depending on your situation or consciousness.

  7. Linda S Mitchell says:

    Dearest Theresa,
    All of your sharing of messages from Spirit are so deeply felt and appreciated but this particular one from Mother Mary resonates for me in a special way. My personal journey led me years ago to Mother Mary. One of the most important reasons for which was that Mother Mary suffered as much or more than we could ever imagine and though her preparedness as a holy being and, pre-ordained Core member of the Essenes was indefatigable and undeniable, nothing could truly diminish her pain. Pain felt for oneself is so different from pain felt for a loved one and especially one’s child. Her highly elevated and holy self, filled with love and faith beyond measure, felt it excruciatingly; however, she subjected herself to the depths of human suffering and pain to support Jesus in conveying his message of Peace and Love, as well as to show us how literally they can relate and, more importantly, to teach us that love can surmount anything. What poignant profiles of courage and examples of how we can be. And, how essentially comforting.
    I am rambling on and on. None of these words matter, what matters is the message and I am so grateful to you for sending it.
    I hope each day brings you many moments light hearted joy. You are a joy. And may the lessons come as they come with recognition and gratitude.
    With all my love,

    • Dearest Linda,

      Once again I am drawn into the peace, beauty and stillness of your words.
      After reading your words I felt as though I had a healing. Thank you for sharing
      these words in the comments section of the blog. There are many who might
      stumble across them and benefit as I did. They are as healing as the blog itself.

      With love and gratitude,

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