Guest Blog: It’s Time to Go Back to School by Linda Fallo-Mitchell

What if when schools reopen, we all went back to school regardless of our age, degrees or skill set?
What if this is not about enrolling in an educational institution or academically ordained degree programs?
What if there are no entrance exams, no grades, no pre-requisites, no tuition, no classrooms, no teachers, no textbooks, and no limit to what you can learn?

What if this school is open to everyone and it’s free?
What if learning can take place anywhere, anytime?
What if the world and everything in it is your classroom?
What if your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, storeowners and employees, doctors and nurses, police officers and firefighters, nature and the environment are your teachers?
What if you can learn in each and every moment?
What if you can get whatever level of education you want?
What if you are the teacher as well as the student?
And what if everyone and everything are teachers and students?

What if the purpose of this school is to educate your heart instead of your mind?
What if your assignments are about listening to your heart instead of cramming your head full of information?
What if this school has only one subject?
What if the only subject is Love?
What if all of the lessons are about Love?
What if the only assignments are to love yourself and love others; have compassion for yourself and for others; show kindness to yourself and to others; forgive yourself and forgive others; recognize your own self-worth, your own value and the value of others; recognize your shared humanity?

What if the only credentials you need to truly succeed in life come from the power of Love?
What if the answer to every question is Love?
What if the only question was “what would Love do?”
What if we all learned to love one another—to act as if no one person is better than another?                   What if by going back to school and educating the heart the world could change—no more wars, no more pandemics, no more hatred, no more poverty, no more inequity, no more injustice, no more fear?
Would you enroll?
It’s time for everyone to go back to the School of Love.

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15 Responses to Guest Blog: It’s Time to Go Back to School by Linda Fallo-Mitchell

  1. Stef says:

    Love this. <3

  2. Catherine donnelley says:

    Truely divine and yes love is the answer what was the question… so beautiful thank you Linda and Theresa
    Lots of love to you x

  3. Lisa Greenspan says:

    Love this, Linda! Made me think about how I could help organize volunteer opportunities for my kids for the next 4 months now that there is no school and no camps.

    • Linda says:

      Thanks, Lisa. I know you will come up with wonderful activities for the boys. Everyday acts of kindness will help to change the world. Sometimes, it is the little things that count the most.

  4. Natalie Blundell says:

    You have verbalized what many great spiritual teachers in history have told us. Every generation needs to hear it for themselves to awaken to this universal truth. Thank you Linda for returning us to our True North, that it’s all about returning to Love.

  5. Leena El-Ali says:

    Linda this is so profound: What if the only question was “what would Love do?” Hard to think of anything more needing to be said!
    Thank you so much..

  6. Linda S Mitchell says:

    I get huge chills reading this and am reminded of the “Crystalline Universities!” It is so true what Natalie said about each generation having to learn this….but why? What if each person could truly understand that in an instant all life can change and we are each capable of unconditional love? If we return to the essence of our selves as children, we knew this and it was “taught” out of us but what if we had the courage to remember, to live by who we truly are? Because if we do, we will experience the heavenly glow of unconditional love for others and ourselves. As Theresa said in her Daily Inspirational Message, “It is so simple.”
    Please keep writing, Linda…your words are so inspirational!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for the encouragement, Linda. How prescient your message of Crystalline Universities was, now that virtual learning is becoming the norm. May we all remember, as you so beautifully stated, that our true essence is Love.

  7. Monique Belle Newton says:

    What a beautiful read – Thanks for sharing –

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