Own Your Goodness

We all spread goodness in the world—sometimes we even do it consciously. Many times we are unaware of our tendency to stand outside of the sphere of goodness that we create—as if it is okay to spread goodness to others but not to ourselves. I was shown a beautiful visual metaphor to help us accept for ourselves the same goodness we give to others.

To begin, imagine a sphere of white light representing the goodness that you put out into the world. Notice the size of the sphere. Next, imagine yourself walking into the sphere of light. Stand like a star with your feet spread apart and your arms extended outward and upward. See the goodness that you put out into the world as represented by a beam of white light that extends from your heart. It shines up both of your arms and out of your hands filling the sphere with even more goodness. What you send out is reflected back to you inside the sphere. You are simultaneously nurturing others and being nurtured by the goodness and love that you create. As you send more goodness out into the world this sphere grows larger and larger—the size is up to you. It can be very small or it can be as large as your house, your town, the earth or the entire universe.

Some people have difficulty walking into the sphere of goodness. They hold it in their hands thinking that all of the goodness they create flows outward but never comes back to them. Know that you can stand in the center of the sphere. Know that all the goodness you create comes back to you. Know that the walls of your sphere are permeable. Creating goodness in the world is not the same as blowing bubbles that float away. You are a part of the goodness. The choice to stand in that goodness or outside of it is yours. Choose to own your goodness and to benefit from that which you put out into the world.

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2 Responses to Own Your Goodness

  1. M posthumus says:

    How very wonderful to read! An absolutely beautiful
    Visual. I will love to hold this in my heart.

  2. Theresa says:

    I am glad that it resonated with you, Marie.

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