Reveal Your Golden Self


Over a lifetime many of us tend to accumulate layers of false selves—personas that help us to feel more confident and protected in the world. We build up defenses to protect ourselves, choosing to identify with our possessions, our wounds, even our grandiosity.  We present these masks to the world so often that we forget who we truly are. Why are we so afraid that our pure essence is not enough? Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if we could Continue reading

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IMG_0175Anyone who has been married or in a long term relationship, myself included, will know that the following advice from Mother Mary is easier to read than to implement. Having said that, it is good to be reminded of what we need to do to keep our relationships alive and thriving.

Marriage is a gentle baby that needs to be nurtured. You cannot leave the baby alone. You leave the baby alone and it grows Continue reading

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Ask For Your Miracles

I once read that we have many unclaimed, beautifully wrapped gifts in heaven. What is in those unclaimed boxes? Amongst my many unclaimed gifts I found miracles.

I’ve seen evidence of many of the miracles I have asked for in my life as well as those in the lives of my clients. But perhaps there are more miracles in those boxes.  Not being one to bypass a gift I Continue reading

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IMG_7140If you were crossing the Arabian Peninsula in the 6th century your survival depended on your tribe, as you were unlikely to survive the harsh desert conditions on your own. Although belonging to a tribe is no longer a matter of life and death, the holidays can trigger our most basic need to belong to a family and/or a friend tribe. Regardless of whether you feel alienated from, or well Continue reading

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Relationships, Karma & Forgiveness

IMG_0532There are many reasons to forgive, but if they haven’t motivated you thus far maybe this will. It’s a bit selfish, but it reignited my commitment to forgive everyone, and I mean everyone, from people who you will never know to the all too well known terrorists. Why forgive? Karma.

Karma is a wheel of cause and effect that exists at both a personal and a global level. The belief is, if you wrong someone then you will be wronged, either in this lifetime or the next. Conversely, if someone has wronged you, then you may have to reincarnate to help that person live out his or her karmic debt to you.

By holding people hostage to my notion of wrongness I trap us in a karmic web that doesn’t stop spinning until the karmic debt is repaid. Here comes the selfish part: I don’t want to reincarnate with the people who hurt me just so they can repay their karmic debt. Nor do I want to reincarnate with the people whom I have hurt. So how do I release them and me? Forgiveness. Forgiveness releases all karma.  I need to forgive myself and I need to forgive them.

There are those who have attained enlightenment and are no longer engaged in living out karma. For the rest of us, we have nothing to loose by trying forgiveness. If my forgiveness can begin unwinding this karmic debt cycle then I forgive with all my heart. We walk life’s vast journey one step at a time. Forgiveness is the step I take today.

Forgiveness is how we get from here, back to love. It’s the path, it is the road we must follow.

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Circumvent Obstacles: Follow Your Light

Imagine yourself walking with outstretched arms, surrounded by waist-high grass, in an endless sunny meadow. Ahead of you is an enormously tall light—let’s call it the Troubadour of Love. This is Continue reading

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Troubadour of Love

Inspirational Clouds IIMay God bless you and guide you.
May He honor you.
May He clear the film from your eyes.
May you see the Light of His Sun on the horizon.
May you walk with freedom of expression and thought.
May you be free to follow your heart.
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Own Your Goodness

We all spread goodness in the world—sometimes we even do it consciously. Many times we are unaware of our tendency to stand outside of the sphere of goodness that we create—as if it is okay to spread goodness to others but not to Continue reading

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Bucket List

IMG_2440 I used to have a bucket list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go, but my bucket list has changed. It now contains three entries:

Love unconditionally
Surrender to God’s Will
Live in the Present Moment

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Relationships as a Path to Enlightenment

iStock_000007191185SmallHow can we use relationships as a path to enlightenment? The answer may be in how we handle conflicts when they arise. Is the answer to give in to the other person? Is it to hold fast to your beliefs? Is it to negotiate? The answer may be all of the above depending on the situation. The first step, though, and the purpose of this blog is to identify the role of your ego.

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