Troubadour of Love

Inspirational Clouds IIMay God bless you and guide you.
May He honor you.
May He clear the film from your eyes.
May you see the Light of His Sun on the horizon.
May you walk with freedom of expression and thought.
May you be free to follow your heart.
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Own Your Goodness

We all spread goodness in the world—sometimes we even do it consciously. Many times we are unaware of our tendency to stand outside of the sphere of goodness that we create—as if it is okay to spread goodness to others but not to Continue reading

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Bucket List

IMG_2440 I used to have a bucket list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go, but my bucket list has changed. It now contains three entries:

Love unconditionally
Surrender to God’s Will
Live in the Present Moment

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Relationships as a Path to Enlightenment

iStock_000007191185SmallHow can we use relationships as a path to enlightenment? The answer may be in how we handle conflicts when they arise. Is the answer to give in to the other person? Is it to hold fast to your beliefs? Is it to negotiate? The answer may be all of the above depending on the situation. The first step, though, and the purpose of this blog is to identify the role of your ego.

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How do you value yourself and your partner in a relationship? Do you feel that you support each other or do you feel spent? This was the subject of a vision/message that Continue reading

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Global PeaceWe all want peace—inner peace, outer peace, world peace. I can’t tell you exactly how to achieve these states, but I can share with you what I am taught by Spirit. The first time St. Thérèse of Lisieux appeared to me she had this to say about peace:

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Swing From the Rafters

IMG_0571It is time to craft your spiritual home—a metaphorical tower to God.  It is not a home that gets enclosed by doors and windows, walls and a roof. It’s a skyscraper that you keep building—around and up, around and up.  As you build it you also get to explore and play on it.  No part is ever closed off to you.  It’s metaphorical because you don’t need a tower to reach God.  God is in every facet of the building process.

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Blurred Vision

little brook with rocksI heard God say to a client: Don’t let your sight blur My Vision. This one little sentence is loaded with meaning. First, it means not to let what we take in with our physical senses cloud what God would have us see. Second, it cautions us not to let our physical senses interfere with God’s Vision or Plan for us.

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God’s Love

Inspirational Clouds III heard God say: You are a child of God. He surrounds you and He is in you. Rest in this knowledge that you and He are one.  There are no mistakes, there are no buts—there is just this clarity of being. You being Him and Him being you. And you are being asked just to accept that with no questions, no buts.  

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Forgiveness Given In-Justice

iStock_000007034162SmallI heard in a session recently: All your anger disappears with the words ‘I forgive’ so if that resonates with you, you can silently forgive whomever in your life you need to forgive just by putting that thought out into the cosmos. The deeper that ‘I forgive’ is—the more that it’s from your heart not your headthe deeper the release of the feeling of injustice.

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