Global PeaceWe all want peace—inner peace, outer peace, world peace. I can’t tell you exactly how to achieve these states, but I can share with you what I am taught by Spirit. The first time St. Thérèse of Lisieux appeared to me she had this to say about peace:

Come, little children, into the folds of my garment, and I will protect and nurture you. Peace to all I see, even for an instant. Peace to the planet, the ants and anthills, the achievers. Peace to all who seek it and to those who don’t yet realize they need it. Peace to my brothers and sisters. Let the light of creation rain down upon the hills and valleys, upon the huts of mud and straw, and upon the castles. Men and women rejoice in the second coming for it is already here. Open your eyes and hearts, and you will see. It is through your sight that you manifest its (second coming) brilliance and healing power. Follow the path I have set before you. Lay down your guns and your anger. Oh, beautiful children of God, drink up the rains of peace as they fall upon you from the heavens. Heed my call.

… I drop to my knees and beg of you to follow me. We can’t live without it (peace). Leave not this earth without sowing peace in your own backyard. In the second coming, the panther lies with the lion, who lies with the rabbit, and we feed on love. There is no more. Life is at its beginning and its end at the same time.  It just is. It is the present moment manifest in all its glory.

I asked St. Thérèse how this would happen and she replied: Lay down your swords and pick up a broom to sweep away the obstacles to peace—misunderstanding, judgment, and a sense of lacking. You lack nothing. I have provided for you everything you could possibly need. You misallocate and mismanage. There is no lack of anything but understanding and trust in me. My knees bleed I’ve been on them so long.  Please waste time not and spread my word. Amen

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Note: St. Thérèse of Lisieux is a Catholic saint (1873-1897) who believed that holiness could be attained even in the absence of heroic acts. She promised to spend her heaven doing good on earth.

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8 Responses to Peace

  1. Janet Foley says:

    Thank you Theresa! I prayed to St Therese this morning and had a much needed peaceful day.
    …I bought roses to remind me of her wisdom..your blog was one more sign from the divine that she is on her knees always for all of us on earth to you!

  2. Jen says:


  3. Patricia says:

    Dear Theresa: Such true and heart-felt words! Yes peace, peace, peace…in our individual lives and, in the world! Once again your words are timely. Thank you.
    I sent you a personal e-mail threw my I-pad last evening. I pray you received it.
    Love, peace, Patricia

  4. Theresa says:

    Thank you, Patricia. I received your email.

  5. Annabel Monaghan says:

    These were the most welcome words this morning. Thank you!

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