How do you value yourself and your partner in a relationship? Do you feel that you support each other or do you feel spent? This was the subject of a vision/message that Mother Mary delivered for the benefit of my client, Amelia (not her real name), as she lay in front of me during a Channeled Grace session.

Mother Mary appeared immediately, as she often does for Amelia, placing one priceless, thin, handmade gold coin between Amelia’s breasts. Mary placed another gold coin on top of that and another until this radiant, golden pile was about five feet high. Mary communicated without words that this is Amelia’s worth. She had spent it all on her recently failed relationship and Mary was restoring Amelia to her pre-relationship levels. Mary then showed me an image of a male figure lying to the left of Amelia. He also had a stack of gold coins between his breasts. He had two more coins than Amelia, one of which he would give her when they met. That is how she will know they were made for each other.

Amelia was shown that in any relationship she is meant to keep your entire stack of gold coins. She may at times have to temporarily transfer one or two coins to her partner to help him through tough times, but he should soon give them back to her. In cases of extreme crisis she may be asked to give three of her coins to her partner but, even then, the coins must be returned. A relationship is not a transfer of assets. When the relationship is right it will allow you to keep your coins; it will allow you to keep yourself whole. You should never feel spent.

We certainly can feel spent caring for a newborn baby or an elderly parent, so I believe that Mary is asking us to apply a level of spiritual maturity to understand the nuances of the vision. If the message is applicable to your life its meaning will unfold, gently revealing what is true for you.

Perhaps Paul McCartney has it right when he sings,
“And, in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make.”



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2 Responses to Relationships

  1. Dede says:

    As usual, the timing of your insights is amazing. Your amazing wisdom works for all relationships and the give and take. I love the visual image you share here. I will refer to it in the future. Thx for being so insightful.

    • Spirit always knows what images will work best for us. As long as I do this work I never cease to be amazed at how gentle yet profound the messages can be. I am so glad that it resonated with you.

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