Reveal Your Golden Self


Over a lifetime many of us tend to accumulate layers of false selves—personas that help us to feel more confident and protected in the world. We build up defenses to protect ourselves, choosing to identify with our possessions, our wounds, even our grandiosity.  We present these masks to the world so often that we forget who we truly are. Why are we so afraid that our pure essence is not enough? Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if we could shed all of our outer layers to reveal the golden self that lies at the core of our being? We can let them go, layer by layer, by raising our consciousness through our own inner work. We can:

Peel away our indifferent self.
Our golden self cares deeply.

Peel away our wounded self.
Our golden self finds order in the chaos.

Peel away our greedy self.
Our golden self knows there is enough to go around.

Peel away our frightened self.
Our golden self, free of all of our false selves, provides the acumen and projects the love that keeps us safe.

Use this affirmation to help you to rediscover your true essence, your golden self.
I release my false selves to the wind as they are purified and are taken to the far reaches of the universe, so that what is left is my Golden Self:
The Self that is one with God;
The Self that knows only Love;
The Self that shines bright in the darkest night;
The Self that all the saints knew was there for us;
The Self that Jesus told me I could be;
The Self that knows there is no other but God and my unity with Him.
And so I am a manifestation of Him here on earth.
I am God in this body and in this mind and in my spirit.
Just as a wave is part of the ocean, so I am the wave formed by God, returning to God—
Forming and returning, forming and returning.
I love all things as manifestations of God.
I love myself as He guides me ever on.*

*The references to saints, Jesus and God were, I suspect, because the client to whom I delivered the above message is Christian. These entities, however, show up again and again as universal wisdom teachers leading us back to love—our true, golden self. All words in italics are from Spirit.

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