Sow Love, Reap Love

He who sows mercy reaps mercy.
And he who sows judgment reaps judgment.
And he who sows pain reaps pain.
And she who sows love reaps love.
And she who sows compassion reaps compassion.
And so in this way, you will be forever harvesting the seeds that you sow.
So if you want a life of joy, sow joy.
And if you want a life of pain, create pain in others.
And if you want a life of misery, create misery in others.
And if you want a life blessed by love, create love within yourself and spread it to all you meet.
Your life is a reflection of the seeds you have sown, and every season yields a new opportunity to sow new seeds.
What you grow in the garden of your life is your choice.
Sow love, be love, reap love. 

May you be blessed in this new year to learn to love yourself fully and to have love and compassion for others. May you plant your seeds consciously.

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10 Responses to Sow Love, Reap Love

  1. Lorraine Blundell says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful picture 💖

  2. Linda S Mitchell says:

    How magnificent! Such a beautiful way to start this welcome New Year! And may it be a particularly wonderful one, sown in love as it always is for you, for you and your family!
    With a full heart and all my love,

  3. Pamela Tinkham says:


  4. Heidi Manning says:

    This is wonderfully though provoking ,very visual and I will take this with me into the new year . Thank you ❣️

  5. Barb says:

    Perfect day to get back on track – the Acela Train to mending life.

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