Gratitude is sustainable. An open heart is sustainable. When we open our hearts and minds to the ‘other’ we are creating sustainability. A sustainable world is founded on love and compassion for one and the other, and for the earth. Bring sustainability forward, but first bring it forward in your heart, by embodying these messages, by being the embodiment of these messages. God does not ask small things of you because you are not small. Let loose your heart. And fly directly into the light of the Sun.

Don’t get carried away with self-aggrandizement. Walk God’s way with humility and the understanding that, truly, nothing exists in the world but Love. And you can be an agent for that change. You are being asked to be the embodiment of this as you go into the world doing whatever you choose to do.

Your work can be in any sector of the economy. You can be a full-time mother or father. You can be a volunteer or community organizer. You can manage a fund. Whatever you do, bring to your day an open heart and gratitude. Loving, compassionate action follows an open and loving heart, which creates a sustainable future for all.

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