Releasing Judgment – Message From The Holy Spirit

istock_000005940786smallReleasing judgment to reach the level of unconditional love will involve some of your hardest lessons. The Universe will put in your life people who are difficult to love. Then it will wait patiently as you struggle with your feelings—not that the Universe wants you to struggle. It wants you to reach a level of consciousness, whereby you can love unconditionally. The struggle is within you. It need not be a struggle if you can put aside judgment. It is not and never has been your job to judge others, thereby deciding if they are “worthy” of your love. If you believe in an All-Loving Presence, and the person you judge is good enough for God to love, then who are you to decide otherwise?

You may decide you don’t like one’s actions but must learn to separate the actions from the person, who is a child of God. Know you not that God has asked this child to act as he or she does just so you may have the opportunity to learn to love unconditionally? Once you shift your perception in this regard, you will find it easier to feel compassion, and in feeling compassion you learn to love unconditionally. Once the lessons are learned, you will find you are no longer confronted by “people who are hard to love.” This is your gift from the Universe. Once the lesson is learned, you will not be “tested” again at least on a personal level. The lesson, however, may be expanded to a community-wide, national or global level.

Know that every situation you read or hear about, even if not in your immediate sphere, is a chance to learn; a chance to stop judging; a chance to show compassion, forgiveness and love. Try it. Take a situation and try shifting your perception. Start with someone in your life who is difficult to love. Know they carry with them a lesson made-to-order by the universe. Begin by no longer judging them. Acknowledge them as one of your “teachers,” and thank them for taking on a role that may be particularly odious. You will know when you’ve accomplished this because you will automatically begin to feel compassion. With compassion comes love, and with these feelings fully entrenched, you reach a state of consciousness called unconditional love. This is a higher vibrational level that brings more peace and joy into your life; even a life that is already filled with peace and joy may benefit. For lives already rooted in peace and joy, this practice will bring you to a more blissful state than the one you currently enjoy.

The beauty of this process is that you have nothing to lose. If this does not resonate, (ignore this suggestion) and you’ll know that was the right thing for you to do, if you don’t think of this again. If you try the process outlined above and it doesn’t work then you’ve lost nothing but some time trying to be nonjudgmental. On the other hand, if it works for you, you will have elevated your own state of consciousness and believe it or not, uplifted the life of the person whom you were judging.

 Many blessings to you—to those you learn to love and to those that, for now, have sacrificed their own happiness to teach you.

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