The Gift Of Love – Jesus

istock_000010134573smallAh, the heavens bestow blessings upon you. Lift your eyes to the Light, and see what gifts await you. For these gifts are not of silver and gold but something more dear—

radiant love. There is nothing more powerful in all God’s kingdom. Minimize it not. Walk the walk of love. Talk the talk of love.

 The dawn of a new world order awaits your call. Open your arms to receive these gifts I give to you.

 There is nothing so dear as love. Tell this to everyone “who has ears to hear.” For my eyes don’t lie, and I see in all of you love. No role is “special” as St. Thérèse showed with the field of flowers. The violet and the rose are of equal value in my kingdom (garden).

 I take many forms, and you will never know what I may look like (earth too!) I am in the ground you refuse to walk on. I am in the dirt and the bugs. I am in the homeless. I am in those who do not “shine.Know this to be true.               

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