Free Love – God

img_0725You are a child of God. He surrounds you and He is in you. And He wants you to rest in this knowledge that you and He are one.  There are no mistakes, there are no buts, there is no nothing—there is just this clarity of being. You being Him, and Him being you. And you are being asked just to accept that with no questions, no buts.  You are being told by God: forget everything you ever learned in catechism. This is God, this is what God feels like.  It feels like complete immersion in love.  It’s a love you know only first by experiencing it with God—free from all condemnation; free from all addendums; free from all of man’s judgments.  God’s love is so much bigger than you will ever know with your mind.  But you can know it through the experience with Him.  Your human heart will try to translate that love into love for yourself and for others.  It is impossible for you to divorce yourself from this love.   The only way to do that is to shut down the experience by engaging your mind—trying to analyze and impose rules on it.  Spirit says: If God hasn’t imposed any rules, it is not up to you to do so. His love is free—free of all attachments; free of all judgments; free of all conditions.  God asks you to live in that love just by recognizing its existence.

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