Love All of You – Holy Spirit

Love yourself right now, love your fear, love your anger—not the egos love, but the hearts love—with compassion and undying sympathy—until you’ve loved your anger so much that it just disappears. If anger looks like a dark cloud than the love you surround it with and infiltrate into that cloud, expands the molecules of that cloud until they get so spread out that there is no cloud anymore…The distance between each molecule that makes up anger is so vast that they cannot reform to be anger again.

Embrace your guilt—have compassion for your guilt and love your guilt. And then watch the cloud of guilt dissipate as love infiltrates and disperses the cloud until no more guilt is left. And to each cloud of fear, send the same love until each cloud of fear dissipates. And do this work over and over. Don’t run from the anger, the fear and the guilt. Love it away and so others will learn by your example.

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