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See Yourself Without a Filter – Holy Spirit

How you see yourself is completely up to you. Do not look through the filter of others judgement of you. 
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You Are an Ember of Source Fire – God

Just as when a red-hot ember is taken from a hearth fire to be the source fire in another hearth, …Continue reading
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Into the Mystery – Jesus

Walk with me into the mystery, into the mystery that is my love— my love for you, my love for …Continue reading
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You Are Loved – Jesus

Know me that I love you as you are. Know me that I never loved anyone more than I love …Continue reading
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Light With A Capital “L” – Mary

There is nothing you can’t achieve without my grace and the knowledge that you are deserving of it.  Walk with …Continue reading
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Surrender and Listen – God

Never doubt that there are deeper mysteries to be revealed. Only in your willingness and your stillness will they be …Continue reading
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You Are Worthy Of God’s LOVE – Holy Spirit

Love and honor yourself first and all else follows. No one should ever be saying those words, “Lord I am …Continue reading
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Endless Grace – Holy Spirit

Once you experience your unity with God you tap into an endless geyser of grace.  It’s like a bottomless well.  …Continue reading
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The Grace Of God – St. Thérèse of Lisieux

It is by the grace of God that you are here. It is God’s grace that you must send out …Continue reading
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