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Defense System – Holy Spirit

Intelligence combined with love is the new defense system.
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Golden Self – Holy Spirit

I release my false selves to the wind as they are purified and are taken to the far reaches of …Continue reading
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Forgiveness – Holy Spirit

Your act of forgiving one forgives many. Your act of forgiving two forgives many more.
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Pride – The Holy Spirit

Pull back your pride and walk through the gates of heaven.
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Find Your Humility – Holy Spirit

Humility is weakness like gold is (just another) metal.  God’s love comes in through many doors.  Who are you to …Continue reading
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Surrender Prayer – Prayers & Meditation

Surrender Prayer God, I owe my life to You, and I give my life to You. God, I give this …Continue reading
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Be Humble – Jesus

Humble. Be humble. Love needs no adornments.
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My Way Is Simple – Jesus

(Complete) humility presages enlightenment. Humility leads you to me. Take thy steps away from power and illusion. Look for me
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Co-Create With The Power Of God – The Holy Spirit

Christ is alive in you; you need to remember that. He’s alive in you in all his glory. You must …Continue reading
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