Forgiveness – Holy Spirit

Your act of forgiving one forgives many. Your act of forgiving two forgives many more.

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Claim Your Miracles – Holy Spirit

The miraculous is there everyday for everyone, but so few choose to participate. The miracles go unused. Open your heart and claim your miracles.

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I Am There – Mother Mary

In the current of life, I am there.
In the beat of your heart, I am there.
In the sound of your voice, I am there.
I am your mother.
I created you.
I held you.
I nurtured you.
I love you.

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Jesus is There – Holy Spirit

May the good Lord shine on you, and hold you and bless you. Know that Jesus is there for you whenever you need him.

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You Are Loved – Jesus

Know me that I love you as you are. Know me that I never loved anyone more than I love you, nor do I love anyone less. Look at me. Yes, you are worthy to see me. Do you think there is someone more worthy? The answer is no. This is not a test of your ego. This is your divine right. There is nothing that God wants more than his child to be connected to Him. It is easier to do that through me. Look upon me, touch my hair. Stop doubting yourself! If I wanted to talk to someone else, I would. Go in peace and knowledge that you and I are one.

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Love All of You – Holy Spirit

Love yourself right now, love your fear, love your anger—not the egos love, but the hearts love—with compassion and undying sympathy—until you’ve loved your anger so much that it just disappears. If anger looks like a dark cloud than the love you surround it with and infiltrate into that cloud, expands the molecules of that cloud until they get so spread out that there is no cloud anymore…The distance between each molecule that makes up anger is so vast that they cannot reform to be anger again. Continue reading

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Inner Peace – Holy Spirit

Sheep outside their paddock!

The more you accept that you can’t control others, the more peace you bring into your life.

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Troubadour of Love – Holy Spirit

May God bless you and guide you.
May He honor you.
May He clear the film from your eyes.
May you see the Light of his Sun on the horizon.
May you walk with freedom of expression and thought.
May you be free to follow your heart.
May you know that on your journey you are wrapped in the Arms of Love.
May your soul march behind the Troubadour of Love. Continue reading

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Your Spiritual Home – Holy Spirit

Your spiritual home is not one that gets enclosed by doors and windows, walls and a roof.  It’s like a skyscraper that you keep building and building and goes around and up, around and up.  As you build it you get to play on it as well.  You get to swing on the rafters.  You get to construct it, but you also get to explore and play on it.  Nothing is ever closed off to you.  It’s a tower that eventually reaches to God.  It’s metaphorical because God is in everything.  The Tower of Babel wasn’t completed because they didn’t have the audacity to think they could be at one with God, but they were wrong because the audacity is to think you cannot be one with God.
Continue reading

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My Vision – God

img_0721 Don’t let your sight blur My Vision

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