Patience – Mother Mary

Passive is when you don’t make a choice. Patience is when you choose not to take action.

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Dance – God

Accept, have no regrets, rejoice!
Rejoice in the life that you have chosen.
Accept the gold that is you.
If even for an instant you saw yourself as I see you,
you would never again doubt your worth,
never again doubt your unconditional love for yourself,
never again doubt your role in this world and
you’d never again doubt your choices.
For in you I see all of life.
You contain the entire universe.
Everything in the universe is within you, and you sit inside the universe.
Dance the dance of love….
Never have I created anyone greater, and
never have I created anyone less than you.
And so it goes for all of My creations.
Me and you, you and Me—we dance.
We dance the dance of life.
We dance the dance of sorrow.
We dance the dance of joy.
We dance the dance of pain.
We dance the dance of forgiveness.
We dance the dance of joy,
and always we are dancing the dance of love.
Now, go out into the world and be all that God has made you to be.
With all your joys and all your sorrows.
Forgive yourself of everything you have ever done.
And love yourself unconditionally. 

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Marriage – Mother Mary

Marriage is a gentle baby that needs to be nurtured. You cannot leave the baby alone. You leave the baby alone and it grows lonely. If all attention falls on the practicalities, then the baby grows up learning only how to wash itself, to comb its hair… To nurture the baby so that it becomes a fully blooming, expansive, vibrant human you must nurture every fiber of its being. It has a consciousness all its own—one that will touch each partner if it is allowed to blossom. It needs to stretch out its petals to capture the sun. It needs to stretch its petals so far that it can’t stretch them any farther without falling off. And in this way the baby grows and transforms into a fully blossoming rose. Continue reading

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Golden Self – Holy Spirit

I release my false selves to the wind as they are purified and are taken to the far reaches of the Universe, so that what is left is my Golden Self.
The Self that is one with God.
The Self that knows only Love.
The Self that shines bright in the darkest night.
The Self that all the saints knew was there for us.
The Self that Jesus told me I could be.
The Self that knows there is no other but God and my unity with Him.
And so I am a manifestation of Him here on earth.
I am God in this body and in this mind and in my spirit.
Just as a wave is part of the ocean, so I am the wave formed by God, returning to God.
Forming and returning, forming and returning.
I love all things as manifestations of God.
I love myself as He guides me ever on.

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Love – Holy Spirit

When you know how to love yourself you will know how to love the world.

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Your Inheritance – Holy Spirit

Every person is an heir to the throne of the Beloved.

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Forgiveness – Holy Spirit

Forgiveness is complete when you forgive yourself completely.

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Dancing Through Life – Holy Spirit

Life is a dance with no floor and no end to the music.  You just have to accept that and engage as if it were a waltz.  You dance or waltz your way into this life and into the next life seamlessly if you can acknowledge that this dance has no end.  Put a smile on your face and let your partner, who is the Divine within you, lead the way.  Every step through life is part of the dance—and a dance floor would only limit you to one dimension.  Accept that there’s no floor because that allows you to transcend realities.  You have to know that you can pick your own realities, in and out, up and down.  You could just weave in and out of different realities at will.  

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Forgiveness – Holy Spirit

Your act of forgiving one forgives many. Your act of forgiving two forgives many more.

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Claim Your Miracles – Holy Spirit

The miraculous is there everyday for everyone, but so few choose to participate. The miracles go unused. Open your heart and claim your miracles.

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