One-Pointed Focus


To help us on our journey we may use an exercise recently revealed by Spirit. It begins by dislodging layers of our shadow then moves toward unveiling our inner Wisdom. 

To begin: Imagine Metatron or an another enlightened being holding a Merkabah (a star tetrahedron) suspended inside a crystal orb above the intersection of your third and fourth chakras. As it rotates it draws out lower vibrational energies. 

The Merkabah continues to rotate even after the lower vibrational energies have been released. Watch the energy streaming up from every part of your body along shimmering gossamer threads, culminating in the Merkabah, which now represents a one-pointed convergence.  We are told that if you want to meet God, all of your focus, all of your energy has to come together at this one point of focus. There has to be a focal point. 

When you put all of your attention and all of your focus up to this one point—the point where you and God meet … what happens is all that God Light just goes streaming from that one point, down through these gossamer threads and back into you, and all this light shines down from this one point and streams throughout your whole body. When you become one with God the realization is that He is you and you are It.  And all of your relationships become a reflection of that God Essence—of that God Light, so that you realize that you were staring right into the face of God every time you looked at another person; every time you looked at an animal; every time you looked at a tree, or a flower or a bug or dirt you were staring into the face of God. 

And so, everything becomes crystal clear.  Literally crystal clear. Your eyes see with a new clarity, and your heart loves with a new clarity.  There are no more shrouds.  Everything is seen as nakedly brilliant, bright white Light for what it is—which is an aspect of God.  

Truly in this state, you can sit for days or years in one spot being nourished just by the God Essence that is all around you and in you.  It’s almost as if you don’t have to eat or breathe and bodily functions become obsolete, and it’s a choice whether to just stay in body and be in that bliss or to leave the body. It’s irrelevant at that point. It’s all the same.

And so in time this will come to pass. No striving is necessary, just a burning desire within your own heart to know the unity with your Creator. 

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The Light Within Project, a philanthropic extension of Everyday Mystic, which combines my Sacred Energy Art and channeled messages was created to, hopefully, bring additional warmth and caring to incarcerated men and women—to remind them that they are not forgotten. The messages of forgiveness, acceptance and love are not new, but the power of those words alongside the art seems to enable the recipient to more readily internalize them.

As a result of this work I have been introduced to some remarkable individuals, one of whom asked: “Why do priests, imams, preachers, and other representatives always preach patience, non-violence, and forgiveness to the people who are being attacked, but never take that message to the people and institutions doing the attacking?” 

Not knowing the answer, I mediated on it. Jesus chose to answer:  

Love speaks softly. It doesn’t shout. The ego-bearing souls upon whose ears it (love) falls do not hear its call. Love speaks to the soul, but whose soul is awake to the call? It is often those souls who are in pain. The rest use their station in life as a foundation of false superiority, as if they alone are responsible for their success. Their success provides a feedback loop of self-righteousness that further feeds their ego. Their sanctimony and their laws become self-justified. Those same laws become the gates and fences that keep others out. Who are the others? They are all who do not fit into their self-defined castles of glory. Do they not understand that we are castles made unto ourselves—that we are the castles that hold the One Love?

The first problem is that most (not all) religious leaders do not want you to know that independent of them and their dogma, you can reach the Most High. They teach fear and repression. But who do they repress? They are most effective at repressing those who are already powerless. 

It is not that teachings of patience, forgiveness and non-violence are not taught to the attackers. It is that, just as with the voice of God, not all listen. When they do hear, they hear through their egoic filters. 

I would offer that almost all preachers are lecturing through the lens of their egos, and the ego neither speaks nor hears Truth. The ego will always act in its own self-interest. That is true of people as well as institutions. I believe this is why both Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of the need for purification. Today, we might call this the need to do our shadow work or to become ego-free. In the absence of our egos, we understand that love, patience and forgiveness must be embraced by all, and offered to all, equally. No exceptions.  

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My Journey

I started this work to find lasting inner peace.
I continued this work because along the way, I found that I love God.
I found that I love Jesus, Mary and the Buddha.
I found that life is simple. It is all about love.
I found that each of us is capable of achieving Christ consciousness.
I found that Christ consciousness brings lasting peace.
I found that Christ was the embodiment of love.
I found that we are each capable of that kind of unconditional love.
I found that we must start with self-love.
I found that every relationship reflects the love that we have for ourselves.
I found that this is a life-long journey, but it is one that is worth taking.
I found more inner peace than I dreamed of.
I found that I am not perfect, and I am okay with that.
I found many marvelous teachers.
I found some hard lessons.
I found I could master some of those lessons and not others.
I found that it didn’t matter.
I found that the only lesson was love.
It’s so simple.  It’s all about love.

I found that I wasn’t an “I”.
I found that there is beauty in emptiness.
I found that there is beauty in the space between the leaves on a tree.
I found that there is beauty in the silence between the notes of a song.
I found unity with the sinner, the saint and the beggar.
I found unity with the Golden child.

I found that I was pure essence struggling to be free of the ego’s grip.
I found glimpses of freedom when I released the ego.
I found that the ego has many layers.
I found that I have not yet released all those layers.
I found that I have the strength to keep working at it.

I found that I could suffer and still find joy, peace and love.
I found the joy within me,
I found the peace within me.
I found the love within me.
I found that every journey leads back to the Self.

I hope you find what you are looking for.


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Find Lasting Inner Peace

Everyday Life and Lasting Inner Peace

How do we attain and maintain inner peace? That is the question that plagued me. I would work, become stressed, go on vacation, become stressed about traveling, go back to work partially relaxed, then within 24 hours the whole cycle would start again. I needed to find a solution that would extend past my next vacation. Then I met a reiki master who was the calmest person I knew in spite of being a single mother diagnosed with cancer. How, when faced with a crisis, did she not only maintain calm, but had extra peace to share with others? My inner peace journey is the topic for this month’s blog, which is in the form of a podcast hosted by Valeria Teles. In this episode we discuss how we can all find the extraordinary in the ordinary–leading to a life filled with love, peace and joy.


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Bliss and Your Soul

The scent of a flower is part of the essence of the flower. It is not the physical form of the flower, yet it does not exist without the flower. It is the same way with your soul. Your soul is the essence of who you are. It doesn’t exist on this earth plane without you. It exists within you and extends outward as your unique fragrance. Continue reading

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Guest Blog: It’s Time to Go Back to School by Linda Fallo-Mitchell

What if when schools reopen, we all went back to school regardless of our age, degrees or skill set?
What if this is not about enrolling in an educational institution or academically ordained degree programs?
What if there are no entrance exams, no grades, no pre-requisites, no tuition, no classrooms, no teachers, no textbooks, and no limit to what you can learn?

Continue reading

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What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Equality 

The benefits of the coronavirus were not immediately obvious. However, as I watched the pandemic unfold, I could see that the virus was teaching us a lot about our underlying equality.  Coronavirus recognizes no borders. It checks no one’s nationality. It doesn’t ask about skin color or political party affiliation. It sees all life as equally valuable. What does the virus know that we don’t?

Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Recalibrate to the Vibration of Love by Kimberly Allis

Throughout the history of the world there has been famine, drought, war, illness and everything in between.  And it is in these moments we are brought to our knees.  The mind is dismantled and it leaves open a space for the heart to take over.  These extreme circumstances command the heart to grow even bigger, forces us into a space of grace, forces us into alignment with God. When there is extreme imbalance in the world these catastrophic moments force us to shed illusion and realign with our own divinity, realign with God, realign with divine possibility, realign with faith.  

These moments call for prayer.  Those who don’t pray suddenly do.  Those that don’t believe choose to believe.  All the illusions they would have gripped onto in the past have disappeared, fallen away, disintegrated.  There is nothing to hold on to.  The only choice left is to reach our hand out to God so that he may pull us up.  Pull us to our highest form, pull us back into our divinity and therefore our humanity that stretches worldwide, where love is the reigning power on the planet.  

This is a recalibration.  This is a realignment.  This is a jolt for all humanity to operate solely through the heart, solely through love, solely through faith, solely for the goodwill of others knowing that caring for our neighbor or even a stranger before we care for ourselves is why we are here.  Knowing that there is no such thing as not enough, knowing that all of my children are provided for, knowing that I love each one of you with all of my heart with all of the love that there is to have, unconditionally and purely.  Knowing THAT heals everything.  Trust in me my child.  Reach your hand out to mine, walk by my side.  Be surrounded by my love.  Have faith that all is as it should be.  Have faith in my love.  Have faith in my ways.  

You may not be able to understand with the mind the divine inner workings of my plan and that is not your job.  Your job is to have faith in that plan and to never question it.  Keep your heart wide open to receive the bounty of my love.  This is what I ask of you.  There is no beginning, there is no end, there is no in between.  There is only this moment and in this moment you are totally and utterly loved and cared for.  

You’re connected to all and all is connected to you.  Therefore, your faith cannot waiver for when yours waivers, everyone’s faith waivers.  Never question my love for you.  You’re a swaddled babe in my arms, loved and cared for. Trust in this union.  Stay with me here in this space which is infinite.  This is what is, there is no more.  For this is everything.  


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Free Yourself

Let yourself be free.
Free of illusions.
Free of the need to know why.
Free of counterbalancing emotions.
Free to be your true self.
Free to trust your wisdom.
Free to soar to new heights.
Free from the cords of the ego.
Free from the cords of self-doubt.
Free from the cords of injustice (victimization).
Free to be the light you are meant to be.
Free to shine that light.
Free to expand in Joy.

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Twenty Stories, Two Dogs and a Miracle

I took my two dogs for a walk outside after having walked three miles on a treadmill. I arrived back at my condo tower to find that all the elevators were shut down, which meant that I had to walk up twenty stories with my two very small dogs (6.5 pounds and 12 pounds) in tow. I managed to coax them up fifteen stories before they refused to take another step. My thighs were burning and my heart was racing, but I picked up the dogs and put one under each arm and carried them the remaining five stories. We reached the landing of the final flight of stairs only to find the door to exit the stairwell was locked—I tried turning the handle every which way but the door wouldn’t budge. I remembered then that I didn’t have my phone with me. Panting, I sat down on the step in the pitch-black vestibule and said to God, “Please open that door.” I always ask with the caveat that it be done if it is for my greatest good, so I was prepared to walk back down the forty flights of steps. I would surrender to whatever the outcome. I caught my breath and walked to the exit door for the second time, turned the handle and the door opened immediately. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is ask. Now, if I had only thought to ask for working elevators!

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