Act From Love

Connect to love every minute of every day–
Not to fear,
Not to greed,
Not to scarcity,
Not to jealousy,
Not to rage,
Not to self-righteousness.
Love yourself and love others without exception.

Take a moment to ask yourself if you are connected to love today. Were you connected yesterday or in the days, weeks, months before today? How many times did you act out of fear, scarcity thinking or self-righteousness? Compare that to the number of times you acted from the generosity of love.

Love is not fearful or greedy. Acting from a place of deep love allows you to tap into abundance. Acting from deep love is not the same as acting from martyrdom—guilt or self-sacrifice. Martyrdom creates a victim (you) and a victor (the other). Love creates winners out of the givers and the receivers. In so doing it leaves no room for jealousy, rage or self-righteousness.

The energy behind your actions is crucial to raising your own vibration. Become conscious of the energy behind your “yes’s” and “no’s,” behind your “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.” A “yes” arising from love is very different than a “yes” arising from fear. A “no” arising from love has a different outcome than a “no” arising from fear.  Decisions made in love are beneficial to all parties.

Beginning with the next decision you make examine where you are on the continuum between fear and love. Fear-based thinking is aligned with your ego self. Decisions made with the energy of unconditional love are made in perfect alignment with your higher Self and the One.

As the Tejobindu Upanishad says,

Brahman* cannot be
Realized by those
Who are subject to greed, fear and anger.
Brahman cannot be realized by those
Who are subject to the pride of name and fame
Or to the vanity of scholarship.
Brahman cannot be realized by those
Who are enmeshed in life’s duality.
But to all those who pierced this duality,
Whose hearts are given to the Lord of Love,
He gives himself through his infinite grace;
He gives himself through his infinite grace.


*Brahman: The supreme Godhead, beyond all distinctions of forms; ultimate Reality. The Upanishads are ancient Sanskrit texts (800-2000BC) in which illumined sages share wisdom revealed to them in meditation about the nature of consciousness.

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