Be Your Authentic Self

The world is at a tipping point and it is weighted toward love. It is the perfect time to shed the layers that cloak your true Self. Who are you? Is your life a true expression of your inner most feelings? If not, it is time to align your outer life with whom you really are inside.

You were designed to play a unique note and the cosmic symphony is waiting for you to tune your instrument. When you do, your actions will be supported by the cosmic consciousness.

The move to a higher level of global consciousness is accelerating. As each individual does their work they help the rest to come along. Do your inner work. Stop playing someone else’s tune. Release your true Self and let it shine—let it’s note play in all its symphonic glory as it harmonizes with the Cosmos. We are all waiting to hear the glory of your sound and to see the brilliance of your light. Don’t wait for permission. Shed the false layers and be who you came here to be!

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