Becoming Enlightened

If you want to be an enlightened being you have to step out of the shade.

You still acknowledge the shade. You don’t deny its existence, but the choice to live in the shade or to live in the light is yours. The shade is of God and the light is of God, yet you still get to choose where you live. Step into the shade to receive its cooling qualities.  As you do, you learn that the sun that creates the light and the tree that creates the shade are there for your growth. And you thank both the sun and the shade. You learn that the sun and the tree that creates the shade were all conceived for you. Rest in the shade. Rest in the light. Work in the shade. Work in the light. And know the beauty of both.


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2 Responses to Becoming Enlightened

  1. Lisa says:

    As always, so inspiring! Just reading this lifted my spirits.

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