Bliss and Your Soul

The scent of a flower is part of the essence of the flower. It is not the physical form of the flower, yet it does not exist without the flower. It is the same way with your soul. Your soul is the essence of who you are. It doesn’t exist on this earth plane without you. It exists within you and extends outward as your unique fragrance.

Your whole body is the flower. Allow your petals to open and share your fragrance with the world. With your petals fully open and facing the sun, why wouldn’t you feel bliss? Like the lotus who blooms in the muck, you too bloom in any circumstance in which you find yourself. The lotus does not resist its surroundings. It makes them work to its advantage. And so it is with you, dear child of the Light.

Feelings of bliss are you unencumbered by the ego self. You can neither pursue the feeling, nor not pursue it. You allow it. That is your true essence shining through. When it does, it brings bliss. That is the feeling that accompanies your soul when it has shaken off the cloak of the ego. Your soul essence shines outward in every direction draping you in bliss.

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