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A fire can be started either by Love or by anger. A fire generated by Love is fueled by passion. …Continue reading
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A Message From Mother Mary

Pozo de la Virgen Sabana Grande is a sacred site in Puerto Rico where the Virgin Mary appeared to several …Continue reading
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Self-Healing Meditation

Picture your cells as crystal-clear droplets of water. They glisten like a drop of melting snow reflects the sun. Your …Continue reading
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For You…

For you love was born, and to you love is given, and from you love emanates into the cosmos and …Continue reading
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Sow Love, Reap Love

He who sows mercy reaps mercy. And he who sows judgment reaps judgment. And he who sows pain reaps pain. …Continue reading
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Serve God

Do you ever wonder what it means to serve God? God chose to answer that question for a client recently: …Continue reading
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I Am Also That

Be with the sinner, the beggar, the prostitute. Be with the prince and the egalitarian. See yourself as the worm …Continue reading
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Walk on Water

God, I am ready to turn my ship around. God, I am ready to have You navigate my ship. I …Continue reading
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Choose Your Reality

If you think you are God, then you are not God. To harness your God-ness you must feel your connection to Source …Continue reading
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Act From Love

Connect to love every minute of every day– Not to fear, Not to greed, Not to scarcity, Not to jealousy, …Continue reading
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