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Each person and situation is another opportunity for us to love and to forgive. Doing those two things sets us …Continue reading
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Thy Will Be Done

The Holy Spirit and Jesus chose to speak to a group gathered recently for our Grace circle. I share their …Continue reading
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You Are the Light of a Thousand Suns

I gather you all here  to bestow upon you  the grace of Knowing who you are. I bestow upon you  …Continue reading
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Inner Peace – Podcast Interview

How do you find inner peace? Listen to Fit For Joy Podcast as Valeria interviews Theresa about inner peace, love …Continue reading
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One-Pointed Focus

To help us on our journey we may use an exercise recently revealed by Spirit. It begins by dislodging layers …Continue reading
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The Light Within Project, a philanthropic extension of Everyday Mystic, which combines my Sacred Energy Art and channeled messages was created …Continue reading
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Guest Blog: Recalibrate to the Vibration of Love by Kimberly Allis

Throughout the history of the world there has been famine, drought, war, illness and everything in between.  And it is …Continue reading
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