The Power of Gratitude

Just like water doesn’t control the river you, as the water, do not control your life. God says: Be My guide; be My eyes and My ears and My heart in the world. Trust that I will take care of you on the journey through the rapids. As you approach every bend you have a choice between encountering rapids or still water. You must set your intention for what you want to encounter. You may think you’re in the rapids, but I see you in still water. You find out who you are by how you navigate the rapids as well as the still water. Find your true power by being the paddle, by being the canoe, by being the rapids, by being the oarsman, by being My eyes ears and heart in the world. 

The paradox is that although you don’t control your life you do get to set your intention for still water or rapids. What is the motivating factor behind your choice? Choose still water out of love for yourself not out of fear of the rapids. By staying fully present and grateful you will find more joy in the life you have. Gratitude will lead you to feel the sensation of being in still water even when faced with rapids.

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