Circumvent Obstacles: Follow Your Light

Imagine yourself walking with outstretched arms, surrounded by waist-high grass, in an endless sunny meadow. Ahead of you is an enormously tall light—let’s call it the Troubadour of Love. This is the vision I was shown for a client.

The field nurtured and supported my client as she followed the Troubadour of Love. She was told that finding and following the Troubadour of Love would help her to regain the feeling of worry-less freedom that most of us left behind with childhood.

In the vision, Stonehenge-sized boulders began dropping from the sky and landing on the ground between my client and the Troubadour of Love. These obstacles cast a shadow on her, but because of the vastness of the Troubadour of Love she could see that everywhere else the light was still shining. The Troubadour would not be denied. The boulders became temporary obstacles to be circumvented.  She was told that the key was to be willing to take a detour from the path that you were on.  Taking a detour around an obstacle has no meaning relative to your overall journey as long as you remain focused on the Troubadour of Love.

People who get lost are the ones who stand and view the obstacle and then stop walking.  The shadow becomes real.  The obstacle becomes all they can see.  They stand in the darkness.  They think their journey is over.  They sit in sadness and wonder why they encountered the obstacles– their lives stop–they get stuck.  Each time an obstacle appears you can choose to see the Troubadour of Love guiding the way. Remain flexible–go around the obstacle.  The obstacle will never be bigger than the Troubadour.  It’s up to you to see that. 

I saw my client continue to skip carefree through the field as another boulder dropped in front of her. She skipped around it. Another boulder dropped and another until there was a very long line of boulders creating a wall between her and the Troubadour. She was un-phased as she continued skipping alongside them intending to go around. She was conscious that there was absolutely nothing that could separate her from her journey and the Troubadour of Love.

Eventually she found a space between two of the boulders and wriggled through. She continued skipping along, once again with nothing between her and the Troubadour of Love. Other obstacles dropped, but she went around them too. How she views the obstacles is her choice. Know that you are always in the Light of the Troubadour of Love–to sit in the shadows is your choice.  To know that you can’t be separated from the Troubadour of Love is your choice.  I finally saw my client walking hand-in-hand with the Troubadour of Love.  Holding that hand, she recognized that the Light she saw outside her as the Troubadour, was her own Light.

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