Embody Peace and Harmony

The world will never be understood looking at it solely through a microscope. It’s a process of looking deeply and then pulling back and then looking deeply and then pulling back. Expand your vision to take in the entirety of the cosmos. 

You can peer through your microscope at the fine particles, but then you must step away, step away from the microscope and look at the totality of creation. When looking through the microscope you see, at times, disorder and disharmony.  When you step back to take in all of creation what looks like disorder through the microscope, from a bigger perspective, starts to look like no more than a dust storm.

From where I sit, you are all the size of particles viewed through an atomic microscope. That doesn’t mean that you are not important—it means that you are subject to the vagaries of the forces of nature.  Have no fear because when the forces of nature settle all will be peaceful, all will come to rest in a divine order. It is difficult to hang on to opposites like having divine order and disharmony exist at the same time. I ask you to hold the space for the existence of these seeming opposites until there is only one force and it will be the force of love that prevails. The force of love will prevail within you, within your personal life and within the world.

So, don’t be dissuaded or disillusioned by these cosmic dust storms. Go to that place deep within you where peace abides. Connect with the grand love that is within you.  Let that love fill you, fill your body, fill your aura and expand without end into the world and into the cosmos. This is the only force that will quell the storms.  It all depends on you abiding in a space of internal peace and harmony. Those things must first be found within—at the microscopic level within you—before they are reflected in the cosmic order. So go now and be the deep peace and harmony that you want to find in this world because you are the bringers of life to this new world order where love prevails. ~God~

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