Finding Your Life’s Purpose

LifePurposeHow do we live a life that is in alignment with our highest purpose? How do we know what that purpose is? The first step is to ask for the Divine’s help and guidance. To be an ordinary person on a spiritual path requires a combination of stillness and action. It may begin with, and be interspersed with, our quiet interactions with the Divine, but in between it demands that we live our lives. We must trust the Divine and do what we are asked. How do we know our part in this co-creation?

Clues to our purpose may be left for us through our intuition—a gut feeling, a dream or even a message or a vision that comes to us in a meditation. Taken together these become the proverbial breadcrumb trail except that frequently the universe, operating solely in the present moment, shows us only one breadcrumb at a time. Bending down to pick up the crumb is not always easy because we have no idea where it will lead. We find a myriad of excuses not to trust and follow our intuition, much less a vision that may come in meditation.  Instead, we often choose to pass it by.

Not following the breadcrumb is like being on a ship at sea which goes off course by one degree. The gap between the ship and its anticipated landfall becomes larger and larger the further it sails. How far off course one sails depends on how long we choose to block out the universal guidance. In the end, our choices and subsequent trajectory are not so much wrong as they are just leading us in a direction that may not be in alignment with our highest purpose.

The breadcrumb you passed may be the health scare that is suggesting you need to take a different approach to your nutrition or exercise. It may be the job you lost, which is telling you that it is time to rethink your lifestyle. It may be the dream you had that feels more like a prophecy, pointing you in a different direction. We have lost respect for the intuitive process—however it appears in our lives.

Release the fears that overshadow your intuition. We are unified with a field of energy that permeates all of existence. When we are tapped into that field we can receive subtle clues as to how to live an extraordinary life. Trust that you are part of a bigger Something. Bend down and pick up the breadcrumb and set your ship on a course to fulfill your highest purpose. The whole world is waiting.

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