Giving and Receiving

photoMany of us are much better at giving than we are at receiving. This is unfortunate in that receiving is just as important…not just for you but, for the person giving. When you receive with humility you open the door for the giver to enter heaven. Spirit explained it to me this way:

God’s love comes in through many doors.  Who are you to choose which ones to keep closed? Jesus allowed his feet to be washed as a humble servant of God; not as a king would be washed, but as one who knew that the woman he allowed to wash his feet was taking her place within heaven.  So, allow your feet to be washed by whoever comes to your door and grant them the favor of a seat at God’s table.  For only in your humility will they find theirs.

There is strength in your humility. Humility is weakness like gold is just another metal. It would be as  ludicrous to equate humility with weakness as it would be to equate gold with a metal such as tin. Like gold, humility should be highly valued and cherished. It is your humility that allows you to receive what others have to give.

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