Meditation: Honor Yourself

This Honor Yourself meditation was channeled to me and recorded during a Grace Healing session. Miraculously, it contains all the Grace that was present at that time! If you are in need of healing or simply desire deeper inner peace, click on the link below and allow yourself to be guided by Love.

I recommend listening with headphones to get the subtlety of the background music, which shares the same vibration as that of the earth. For maximum healing benefit, listen while siting quietly with your eyes closed.

Enjoy! And please share with friends!

Honor Yourself
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I see you. I see all of you for who you truly are, which is much more than you would ever acknowledge of yourselves.

I ask you to join Me in My vision. He asks you to focus on your solar plexus, the area of your stomach, and to see this radiant, glowing, pulsating light—orb of light.  This is what He sees when He sees you … purity. He sees a glowing, radiant being and at the center of that orb of white, radiant, pulsating light within you is a spark of the Divine. 

And He asks that you honor and love yourself the way that He does for He has made no one more radiant than you, nor has He made any one less radiant than you.

He asks that you allow your light to shine and when you do, you’ll see that radiant orb grow inside and expand out in every direction until it’s bigger than your physical body, until it radiates out past the walls of your dwelling and brings grace and healing and forgiveness to everyone you meet. 

Ride this wave of light into the remainder of your day and into every day from this time forward.  Amen. ~God~



Note: All words in italics are from Spirit.

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