My Journey

I started this work to find lasting inner peace.
I continued this work because along the way, I found that I love God.
I found that I love Jesus, Mary and the Buddha.
I found that life is simple. It is all about love.
I found that each of us is capable of achieving Christ consciousness.
I found that Christ consciousness brings lasting peace.
I found that Christ was the embodiment of love.
I found that we are each capable of that kind of unconditional love.
I found that we must start with self-love.
I found that every relationship reflects the love that we have for ourselves.
I found that this is a life-long journey, but it is one that is worth taking.
I found more inner peace than I dreamed of.
I found that I am not perfect, and I am okay with that.
I found many marvelous teachers.
I found some hard lessons.
I found I could master some of those lessons and not others.
I found that it didn’t matter.
I found that the only lesson was love.
It’s so simple.  It’s all about love.

I found that I wasn’t an “I”.
I found that there is beauty in emptiness.
I found that there is beauty in the space between the leaves on a tree.
I found that there is beauty in the silence between the notes of a song.
I found unity with the sinner, the saint and the beggar.
I found unity with the Golden child.

I found that I was pure essence struggling to be free of the ego’s grip.
I found glimpses of freedom when I released the ego.
I found that the ego has many layers.
I found that I have not yet released all those layers.
I found that I have the strength to keep working at it.

I found that I could suffer and still find joy, peace and love.
I found the joy within me,
I found the peace within me.
I found the love within me.
I found that every journey leads back to the Self.

I hope you find what you are looking for.


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4 Responses to My Journey

  1. Linda S Mitchell says:

    What a beautiful, touching and eloquent yet direct recitation of your journey. It is so comforting and peaceful to read it and to return to it. It calms me and I find such joy in your sharing. Again, as said so many times before, thank you for sharing and in so doing affecting each of us so deeply. You have, simply put, said it all and your journey resonates with the healing of love.

  2. Freedom says:

    Beautifully said, strikingly honest, and loving acceptance at the heart of it all.

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