One-Pointed Focus


To help us on our journey we may use an exercise recently revealed by Spirit. It begins by dislodging layers of our shadow then moves toward unveiling our inner Wisdom. 

To begin: Imagine Metatron or an another enlightened being holding a Merkabah (a star tetrahedron) suspended inside a crystal orb above the intersection of your third and fourth chakras. As it rotates it draws out lower vibrational energies. 

The Merkabah continues to rotate even after the lower vibrational energies have been released. Watch the energy streaming up from every part of your body along shimmering gossamer threads, culminating in the Merkabah, which now represents a one-pointed convergence.  We are told that if you want to meet God, all of your focus, all of your energy has to come together at this one point of focus. There has to be a focal point. 

When you put all of your attention and all of your focus up to this one point—the point where you and God meet … what happens is all that God Light just goes streaming from that one point, down through these gossamer threads and back into you, and all this light shines down from this one point and streams throughout your whole body. When you become one with God the realization is that He is you and you are It.  And all of your relationships become a reflection of that God Essence—of that God Light, so that you realize that you were staring right into the face of God every time you looked at another person; every time you looked at an animal; every time you looked at a tree, or a flower or a bug or dirt you were staring into the face of God. 

And so, everything becomes crystal clear.  Literally crystal clear. Your eyes see with a new clarity, and your heart loves with a new clarity.  There are no more shrouds.  Everything is seen as nakedly brilliant, bright white Light for what it is—which is an aspect of God.  

Truly in this state, you can sit for days or years in one spot being nourished just by the God Essence that is all around you and in you.  It’s almost as if you don’t have to eat or breathe and bodily functions become obsolete, and it’s a choice whether to just stay in body and be in that bliss or to leave the body. It’s irrelevant at that point. It’s all the same.

And so in time this will come to pass. No striving is necessary, just a burning desire within your own heart to know the unity with your Creator. 

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