Open your Heart

I hear all your voices. I hear your cries and your sorrows. Trust in what’s unfolding, and come to Me in your time of need. Never forget that My arms are around you, that My love surrounds you. What seems painful is a necessary part of the unfolding.

God asks you now to unfold your own heart. He asks you to imagine a tightly closed bud as your heart and to see the petals unfold, allowing the flower of your heart to open to its full glory, where it holds nothing back.

When you do that, that open flower takes in not only the sun but the rain. It stays open on clear days as well as during storms.

Open your hearts to all that the Grand Master has to give you. Hold back your judgment of the sunshine or the rain. They are both necessary for growth. Hold back your judgment of clear skies versus storm clouds, for all are necessary for your expansion. Just as those flowers hold nothing back, we too are meant to open and hold nothing back; to be our full, glorious selves, in good weather and in bad. Just like the flower, we grow, we open to our fullest, possible expansion and then we die, and we grow again. All is being driven to open our hearts to the Light of a Thousand Suns that is our God.

Go out, drinking in My sunshine and My rain so that you may blossom into your fullest potential. Go in peace my children knowing that I am with you, that I am in you, that I surround you.

When God said, “see the petals unfold, allowing the flower of your heart to open to its full glory; where it holds nothing back,” I was shown a delicate, fully opened Prussian blue/Indigo anemone. I read several days after this revelation about the color blue. “Rebecca Solnit celebrated it as ‘the color of an emotion, the color of solitude and of desire, the color of there seen from here, the color of where you are not.’ There is, of course, not one blue but many — perhaps as many as there are emotions. To name each one is to confer reality and validity upon its essence, to burrow deeper into its meaning.”*

Practice this closed bud/open flower visualization using a flower of your choosing. See it in the sunshine and the rain. See it under clear skies and in storms. God asks that we face whatever life brings to us with a fully open heart.



*Brain Pickings

Photo Credit: Anna Rozwadoska
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