For You…

For you love was born,
and to you love is given,
and from you love emanates into the cosmos
and touches all those around you on its way.
And in your pain and in your sorrow, you are blessed.
Because I too have felt pain and sorrow.
For I too thought the pain would never end,
but it does, and on the other side is an even bigger and more open heart,
until one day the only tears you will shed are those of love and of joy.
– Mother Mary

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Consciously Compose Your Melody

Look through all the veils of illusion that have been placed in front of you.

Your work is always inner work, but you do that through your interactions with the outer world. Just as with music—there must be a play between the notes and the silence. There would be no music if there were all silence or all notes. It’s about finding balance in life between the notes and the silence—between the action and the stillness. Continue reading

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Sow Love, Reap Love

He who sows mercy reaps mercy.
And he who sows judgment reaps judgment.
And he who sows pain reaps pain.
And she who sows love reaps love.
And she who sows compassion reaps compassion.
And so in this way, you will be forever harvesting the seeds that you sow.
So if you want a life of joy, sow joy.
And if you want a life of pain, create pain in others.
And if you want a life of misery, create misery in others.
And if you want a life blessed by love, create love within yourself and spread it to all you meet.
Your life is a reflection of the seeds you have sown, and every season yields a new opportunity to sow new seeds.
What you grow in the garden of your life is your choice.
Sow love, be love, reap love. 

May you be blessed in this new year to learn to love yourself fully and to have love and compassion for others. May you plant your seeds consciously.

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Serve God

Do you ever wonder what it means to serve God? God chose to answer that question for a client recently:   Continue reading

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I Am Also That

Be with the sinner, the beggar, the prostitute.
Be with the prince and the egalitarian.
See yourself as the worm squiggling in the water on the sidewalk.
See yourself as the elephant strolling majestically through the jungle.
See yourself as royalty atop the elephant.
See yourself as the ant beneath the elephant’s foot.
Lay down your sword and your scales so that We may walk hand in hand, heart to heart and you will suffer no more.     ~God~

Can you stand next to a sinner, a beggar or a prostitute and say, “I am also that?” Can you say it standing next to a prince or an egalitarian? We think we don’t hold ourselves above or below another but, until we can do this exercise and mean it, we are judging ourselves and judging others.  To find true inner peace you must lay down your sword and your scales and walk hand in hand, heart to heart with the Divine. By ending your separation and becoming one with all whom you despise and with all whom you hold dear, you become one with Source and peace abides within you.

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Walk on Water

God, I am ready to turn my ship around.
God, I am ready to have You navigate my ship.
I know that with You at the helm we can overcome
all obstacles and get through any storm.

Continue reading

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Choose Your Reality

If you think you are God, then you are not God. To harness your God-ness you must feel your connection to Source energy. Feel it. Own it. Work with it. Like a child you look at the world around you with new eyes. What was impossible becomes possible. What was out of reach becomes firmly within your grasp. Do not deny this aspect of yourself. Move forward into this world with all the power and the glory of knowing that you and God are One.

Continue reading

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Act From Love

Connect to love every minute of every day–
Not to fear,
Not to greed,
Not to scarcity,
Not to jealousy,
Not to rage,
Not to self-righteousness.
Love yourself and love others without exception.

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Love and Respect

I deserve to be treated with love and respect.
Any act that is not loving, is not respectful.
Seek the answers within you because you already know the answers.
You will know them by what feels right in your body.
The next step is loving action. 

As I delivered the above message from Spirit to my client, my initial thought was that the first line is so obvious: Continue reading

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Release Your Karma and Own Your Power!

We have all chosen occasionally not to follow that small voice within. You may know it as intuition. You may know it as your Higher Self or as coming from Source. Sometimes we need help clearing away negative karma that may be created by choosing our ego-based decisions over clear spiritual or intuitive guidance. To set us back on our path, Spirit recently revealed this beautiful prayer. Continue reading

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