Destruction of Deconstruction

Humanity is at a choice point—we can choose (and many are choosing) to steer away from the destruction of divisiveness, hatred, indifference and violence. We need both action and faith more than ever. The actions required are as varied as the problems. In addition to our actions, we must have faith that we can and will push back this wave that is destroying the fabric of who we are and destroying the earth. It boils down to one thing we can all do: love

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Tell Them to Love

Tell them to love.
Tell them that their hearts are not broken.
Consolation is found by diving deep into the cracks that open in your heart.
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Finding Your Purpose and Your Peace

How do you find your purpose and live a life of love, peace and joy despite external circumstances? To find out, listen to Meditate on This with Angela Accomando. In this podcast episode she interviews me about my journey from IBM to energy healing and meditation as well as about the second book in the Everyday Mystic series, Everyday Mystic: Daily Messages for a Life of Love, Peace and Joy.

The interview also available on Spotify.

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Inner Peace – Podcast Interview

How do you find inner peace? Listen to Fit For Joy Podcast as Valeria interviews Theresa about inner peace, love and life lived on God’s Jet Stream. To access podcast, please click on my name:   THERESA JOSEPH

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One-Pointed Focus


To help us on our journey we may use an exercise recently revealed by Spirit. It begins by dislodging layers of our shadow then moves toward unveiling our inner Wisdom. 

To begin: Imagine Metatron or an another enlightened being holding a Merkabah (a star tetrahedron) suspended inside a crystal orb above the intersection of your third and fourth chakras. As it rotates it draws out lower vibrational energies. 

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The Light Within Project, a philanthropic extension of Everyday Mystic, which combines my Sacred Energy Art and channeled messages was created to, hopefully, bring additional warmth and caring to incarcerated men and women—to remind them that they are not forgotten. The messages of forgiveness, acceptance and love are not new, but the power of those words alongside the art seems to enable the recipient to more readily internalize them.

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My Journey

I started this work to find lasting inner peace.
I continued this work because along the way, I found that I love God.
I found that I love Jesus, Mary and the Buddha.
I found that life is simple. It is all about love.
I found that each of us is capable of achieving Christ consciousness.
I found that Christ consciousness brings lasting peace.
I found that Christ was the embodiment of love.
I found that we are each capable of that kind of unconditional love.
I found that we must start with self-love.
I found that every relationship reflects the love that we have for ourselves.
I found that this is a life-long journey, but it is one that is worth taking.
I found more inner peace than I dreamed of.
I found that I am not perfect, and I am okay with that.
I found many marvelous teachers.
I found some hard lessons.
I found I could master some of those lessons and not others.
I found that it didn’t matter.
I found that the only lesson was love.
It’s so simple.  It’s all about love.

I found that I wasn’t an “I”.
I found that there is beauty in emptiness.
I found that there is beauty in the space between the leaves on a tree.
I found that there is beauty in the silence between the notes of a song.
I found unity with the sinner, the saint and the beggar.
I found unity with the Golden child.

I found that I was pure essence struggling to be free of the ego’s grip.
I found glimpses of freedom when I released the ego.
I found that the ego has many layers.
I found that I have not yet released all those layers.
I found that I have the strength to keep working at it.

I found that I could suffer and still find joy, peace and love.
I found the joy within me,
I found the peace within me.
I found the love within me.
I found that every journey leads back to the Self.

I hope you find what you are looking for.


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Find Lasting Inner Peace

Everyday Life and Lasting Inner Peace

How do we attain and maintain inner peace? That is the question that plagued me. I would work, become stressed, go on vacation, become stressed about traveling, go back to work partially relaxed, then within 24 hours the whole cycle would start again. I needed to find a solution that would extend past my next vacation. Then I met a reiki master who was the calmest person I knew in spite of being a single mother diagnosed with cancer. How, when faced with a crisis, did she not only maintain calm, but had extra peace to share with others? My inner peace journey is the topic for this month’s blog, which is in the form of a podcast hosted by Valeria Teles. In this episode we discuss how we can all find the extraordinary in the ordinary–leading to a life filled with love, peace and joy.


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Bliss and Your Soul

The scent of a flower is part of the essence of the flower. It is not the physical form of the flower, yet it does not exist without the flower. It is the same way with your soul. Your soul is the essence of who you are. It doesn’t exist on this earth plane without you. It exists within you and extends outward as your unique fragrance. Continue reading

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Guest Blog: It’s Time to Go Back to School by Linda Fallo-Mitchell

What if when schools reopen, we all went back to school regardless of our age, degrees or skill set?
What if this is not about enrolling in an educational institution or academically ordained degree programs?
What if there are no entrance exams, no grades, no pre-requisites, no tuition, no classrooms, no teachers, no textbooks, and no limit to what you can learn?

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