The Power of Gratitude

Just like water doesn’t control the river you, as the water, do not control your life. God says: Be My guide; be My eyes and My ears and My heart in the world. Trust that I will take care of you on the journey through the rapids. As you approach every bend you have a choice between encountering rapids or still water. You must set your intention for what you want to encounter. You may think you’re in the rapids, but I see you in still water. You find out who you are by how you navigate the rapids as well as the still water. Find your true power by being the paddle, by being the canoe, by being the rapids, by being the oarsman, by being My eyes ears and heart in the world.  Continue reading

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Faith is not blind.
You go in with eyes wide open,
wide with wonder for a world you cannot see
yet it exists
waiting to be discovered. Continue reading

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What’s in Your Arsenal?

You can start drawing from the well of love instead of from the well of fear. Every day is a new opportunity for you to call on love. You reach for control instead of love. You go to your mammalian brain when you choose fear. You are asked to reach a higher level of consciousness. One in which love prevails. This is not for the weak. It requires deep faith and courage—a depth you are capable of achieving or it would not be asked of you. Put away your doubts and your exercise bands (it doesn’t take muscle—that was the old way). You learned very young that control was necessary for a safe environment. And so, you are still learning that control is not what makes you safe. Love does. You’ve tried your way. Now try Mine. This is the only thing that is going to bring the inner peace you are looking for.

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Be Your Authentic Self

To be your authentic self you must look within.
Look past the outer layers that the world sees.
Go deep, deep inside yourself.
Find the pieces of you that have been long covered by your fears and doubts.
Allow those pieces to float to the surface of your being. 
Now, who are you? 
Who are you when the sea of your fears has parted? 
Who are you when you become that which you were told you would never become? 
Dive into the depths of your soul and become that which you were told you could never become. 
Do you want to become Love? 
Become Love.
Do you want to become Joy? 
Become Joy. 
Show the world who you are. 
You came into this world as a Light—it is time to let it shine. 

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Surrender to the Path of the Mystic

Do you want to be enlightened? 
Surrender to the path of the mystic. 
Surrender your attachments. 
Surrender your self-hate speech. 
Surrender your judgment. 
Surrender your self-righteousness. 
Surrender your need for control.
Experience and embrace life in all its glorious unpredictability. 
The more you try to control, the more you try to close your door to the mess outside.
The more you separate yourself from “them,” the less enlightened you become.
Surrender yourself to the knowledge that we are all One.

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A fire can be started either by Love or by anger.
A fire generated by Love is fueled by passion.
A fire started by anger will burn you.
A fire started by Love will purify whatever goes into It, but it will not hurt you.


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Becoming Enlightened

If you want to be an enlightened being you have to step out of the shade.

You still acknowledge the shade. You don’t deny its existence, but the choice to live in the shade or to live in the light is yours. The shade is of God and the light is of God, yet you still get to choose where you live. Step into the shade to receive its cooling qualities.  As you do, you learn that the sun that creates the light and the tree that creates the shade are there for your growth. And you thank both the sun and the shade. You learn that the sun and the tree that creates the shade were all conceived for you. Rest in the shade. Rest in the light. Work in the shade. Work in the light. And know the beauty of both.


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A Message From Mother Mary

Pozo de la Virgen Sabana Grande is a sacred site in Puerto Rico where the Virgin Mary appeared to several school children in 1953. It would be appropriate that my friend, Jesus (yes that is his real name), would take me there. (Jesus came into my life five years ago in answer to a prayer for an English-speaking hair colorist in Puerto Rico. And as silly as that may sound, the point is that there is no detail too small to surrender to the Universe.) The energy of the site is felt as soon as you enter the Town and then is even more powerful at the spot where Mother Mary appeared.  As I sat in meditation with Mary she told me to take out my notebook. She then started to speak, giving me this message for the world:  Continue reading

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Self-Healing Meditation

Picture your cells as crystal-clear droplets of water. They glisten like a drop of melting snow reflects the sun. Your body is filled with these glistening droplets. They come together to compose every fiber of your being. And in their joining is your strength. Continue reading

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Weave the Tapestry of Your Life!

You weave the tapestry of your own life. You have been given all the tools you need—the golden thread. What will you do with the golden thread? You have been given the loom strung strong. You have given the weft. And yes, there are “imperfections” in the threads,but that is only because that is how you see them. There are no imperfections. There is only the thread. Only you can create beauty from these threads. Whether your tapestry stays unwoven or it is completed, is up to you. What will you do with your golden thread? There are many tapestries that remain unfinished just like there are many melodies that remain unsung. When your time comes do you want to look back on an unfinished tapestry or do you want to look back on a vibrant and full weaving of the threads that were given to you? The choice is yours.

Weaving takes conscious, involved participation and action on your part. The loom, the threads and the weft are provided for you. If you take no action your tapestry remains unfinished. No one will finish it for you. They cannot. They know not what your tapestry should look like. Only you know that. You don’t need to see the final picture. You need to weave! 
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