Relationships, Karma & Forgiveness

IMG_0532There are many reasons to forgive, but if they haven’t motivated you thus far maybe this will. It’s a bit selfish, but it reignited my commitment to forgive everyone, and I mean everyone, from people who you will never know to the all too well known terrorists. Why forgive? Karma.

Karma is a wheel of cause and effect that exists at both a personal and a global level. The belief is, if you wrong someone then you will be wronged, either in this lifetime or the next. Conversely, if someone has wronged you, then you may have to reincarnate to help that person live out his or her karmic debt to you.

By holding people hostage to my notion of wrongness I trap us in a karmic web that doesn’t stop spinning until the karmic debt is repaid. Here comes the selfish part: I don’t want to reincarnate with the people who hurt me just so they can repay their karmic debt. Nor do I want to reincarnate with the people whom I have hurt. So how do I release them and me? Forgiveness. Forgiveness releases all karma.  I need to forgive myself and I need to forgive them.

There are those who have attained enlightenment and are no longer engaged in living out karma. For the rest of us, we have nothing to loose by trying forgiveness. If my forgiveness can begin unwinding this karmic debt cycle then I forgive with all my heart. We walk life’s vast journey one step at a time. Forgiveness is the step I take today.

Forgiveness is how we get from here, back to love. It’s the path, it is the road we must follow.

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