Serve God

Do you ever wonder what it means to serve God? God chose to answer that question for a client recently:  

If you want to serve Me, you must listen to Me. Abandon all else you hold dear—doesn’t mean your family, friends or life—means you abandon everything you here-to-fore thought was “knowledge,” and let Me teach you. For in life, there is only one rule and it is Love. Everything you need to learn you will learn from Me, and it will all revolve around this theme: Love of Self; Love of Others; Love of Me. Love spins the earth on its axis and holds it in its orbit in space. And no, I don’t mean that scientifically, where you’ll find some element or force called love. I mean that all is held in the Cosmic Heart. And in the Cosmic Heart there is Order. Be a part of that Order. The choice is yours. You can exist within it or you can exist outside of it.  Amen.

This is advice that is not just spiritual but practical. God uses spiritual language but then goes on to explain that to follow His Ways doesn’t necessarily mean that we must go running off into the forest never to be heard from again. More often, the path is to have the courage to listen to what God has to say about love and then to try to put it into daily practice. It’s not always easy, but the Divine message is always clear: Love yourself. Love others—no exceptions.

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