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Action vs. Stillness

Using fencing as a metaphor, Spirit shared a vision of a young man winning a match. Feelings of pride and …Continue reading
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Meditation: Honor Yourself

This Honor Yourself meditation was channeled to me and recorded during a Grace Healing session. Miraculously, it contains all the Grace that was present at …Continue reading
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Each person and situation is another opportunity for us to love and to forgive. Doing those two things sets us …Continue reading
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You Are the Light of a Thousand Suns

I gather you all here  to bestow upon you  the grace of Knowing who you are. I bestow upon you  …Continue reading
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Open your Heart

I hear all your voices. I hear your cries and your sorrows. Trust in what’s unfolding, and come to Me …Continue reading
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Tell Them to Love

Tell them to love.Tell them that their hearts are not broken. Consolation is found by diving deep into the cracks …Continue reading
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