Theresa Joseph

theresaphotoretouched1Theresa Joseph, founder of the Global Peace Movement and Channeled Grace Healing Circles, is an author, intuitive healer, Reiki Master, spiritual teacher and artist whose mission is to raise consciousness, manifest peace and channel grace. But it hasn’t always been like this.

Theresa began her career at a Fortune 500 company managing various aspects of finance including managing the company’s banking relationships and its foreign exchange exposures. Eighteen years later, cutting back to part-time work to spend more time with her children, she stumbled upon her true passion and what would become her life’s work.

Theresa received her Reiki Master training from Heather Cumming, prominent Reiki Master and Shaman. As with her financial career where she was known for initiating paradigm shifts, Theresa shifted from practicing Reiki to what she calls Channeling Grace to more accurately reflect the Divine’s role in her healing work.  In Channeling Grace, the freely given love of the Divine, she is empowering clients, whether in private sessions or in her healing circles, to know their own divinity and to develop a personal relationship with the Divine.

As part of her mission and with the encouragement of Roland Comtois, the internationally acclaimed spiritual channel and author of And Then There Was Heaven, A Journey of Hope and Love, Theresa created the Global Peace Movement (GPM).  The mission of the GPM is to promote peace through the Meditation for World Peace. As with much of her spiritual work, the words to this guided meditation were given to Theresa through direct revelation.

Theresa’s  book, Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is about how in the midst of our ordinary lives we can experience the extraordinariness of the Divine. A very private person by nature, she is a reluctant author but has been encouraged by many respected colleagues who recognize the timeliness of the messages and the potential benefit to humanity.

Theresa’s Sacred Energy Art is inspired and guided by St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who along with Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Teresa of Avila, have been her spiritual guides for many years. The courses and workshops she’s taught, including Channeling Grace, Ten Steps to Inner Peace, The Redemption of the Divine Feminine and Birthing a New World: Creating a Peaceful Life and a Peaceful World, are based on her direct revelations.

Theresa is a wife and the mother of two who enjoys laughing, good food and short walks…nothing too strenuous. Theresa’s ordinary journey started with a BA in Economics and an MBA in Banking and Finance.

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