Thy Will Be Done

The Holy Spirit and Jesus chose to speak to a group gathered recently for our Grace circle. I share their messages here in hopes that the energy of the words will provide support as you travel the road toward enlightenment.

Holy Spirit: The Lord knows you. He hears your cries and your sorrows. He knows what you need and gives you thus. You must trust in what the Lord knows. Heed Him, ask Him, beseech Him and surrender the outcome. Surrender to Him whether or not your prayers are answered. And know that if an answer is not forthcoming that it has been decided thus for your greatest good.  And so, we are taught patience alongside of trust and faith. Have faith in who you are and trust that your life is exactly as it’s meant to be at this point in time. 

Jesus: Beseech Me not with your will but with Thy (God’s) will be done. Always ask that God’s will be done. Surrender with the deepest bow to the Divine. Surrender every thought word and action in service to the Divine and in doing so you are in service to all of humanity. Look not askance at your brother or your sister for you know not of their journey.  Heaven has a plan for everyone and I tell you, you know not what that plan is. Accept every moment with gratitude and accept everyone in your life with love.  Accept yourself with unconditional love and caring and hold no regrets. Let Me burn off now all negative karma through my love and forgiveness for you, and on your behalf.

Go now, knowing that the road you have walked to this point in time has been a road crafted solely for you out of love. Where you stand now is exactly where you’re meant to be and where you go from here is a choice that is yours to make, but I advise that you make it with Me. I advise that any step you take forward is a step taken with love, with deep love and deep humility and deep regard for the earth under your feet, for the sky above, for every squirrel and little animal that you pass on your way and with deep compassion and love for your fellow travelers.

And just like leaves fall from a tree we, too, will fall and we, too, will rise again. We are the trees and leaves and the ground and the seeds and acorns that give rise to new life.  And just like the seeds and the tree and the earth accept who they are we too are to accept all that we are, all the glory that’s encoded within us when we know our unity with the Divine and with one another.

And so, I beseech you once again to call out for, and to recognize, your unity with the Divine; with all that’s Christed Consciousness. And to remember, once again, that you are the light of a thousand suns when you are joined with Me.  And now visualize yourself as I see you; as an enormous, pulsating sphere of light—golden and white; being whole and complete at this very moment; carrying nothing with you but the essence of who you are.  Ameyn.

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